[pacman-dev] implement .so dependencies?

Florian Pritz bluewind at server-speed.net
Fri Feb 5 19:00:22 EST 2010

On 02/04/2010 04:38 PM, Thomas Bächler wrote:
> I disagree in the "arch" part. It might not be as important now, but in
> the future it could cause problems if we end up havnig multiple
> architecture libraries in one system (and ultimately I want to make that
> possible, if I ever get to it). If we could agree on this scheme:
> soprovides=(libreadline.so)
> would generate
> provides=("${provides[@]}" libreadline.so-x86_64=6)
> Then the "weak -d" flag could ignore the =6 version above and we still
> have everything we would need for matching so-names.
>> From my suggestions it should be clear that I really do not want every
>> package to have all possible so-provides and -depends added
>> automatically.  That seems too much like an even poorer implementation
>> of rpm to me and would be very, very difficult to get around all the
>> edge cases.
Currently both sodepends and soprovides have to be specified in the
sodepends=(libreadline.so libc.so)

Versions and arch will be added afterwards and the final line in
.PKGINFO looks like this:
provides = libreadline.so-elf64_x86_64=6

For the arch part a better way to find the arch of the lib would be
nice. Neither readelf nor objdump seem to fit. Readelf only shows 32/64
and objdump shows i686 libs as i368. If anyone has an idea please share.

Florian Pritz -- {flo,bluewind}@server-speed.net
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