[pacman-dev] [PATCH] don't use old packages to satisfy dependencies

Henning Garus henning.garus at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 12 05:14:38 EST 2010

Don't use packages which are updated during the current transaction as
dependency providers, when computing needed dependencies in resolvedeps.
This could lead to new dependencies not being pulled in, in situations

foo-1 provides bar
baz depends on bar

foo-2 does not provide bar anymore
baz still depends on bar
bar is not pulled in because foo-1 is used to satisfy the dependency

Signed-off-by: Henning Garus <henning.garus at gmail.com>

This should fix the "phonon bug". I am not entirely happy with this,
because I more or less copy the local db (once more) on every call to
resolvedeps. Alternatively one could create a joined list from remove
and trans->add and give it to checkdeps as remove parameter. This would
do what we want (exclude packages which will be upgraded from the list
used to compute already satisfied dependencies in checkdeps), but it
feels wrong.

 lib/libalpm/deps.c |   12 +++++++++++-
 1 files changed, 11 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lib/libalpm/deps.c b/lib/libalpm/deps.c
index 46699ac..85d7e24 100644
--- a/lib/libalpm/deps.c
+++ b/lib/libalpm/deps.c
@@ -600,6 +600,7 @@ int _alpm_resolvedeps(pmdb_t *local, alpm_list_t *dbs_sync, pmpkg_t *pkg,
 	alpm_list_t *i, *j;
 	alpm_list_t *targ;
+	alpm_list_t *untouched = NULL;
 	alpm_list_t *deps = NULL;
 	alpm_list_t *packages_copy;
@@ -620,11 +621,19 @@ int _alpm_resolvedeps(pmdb_t *local, alpm_list_t *dbs_sync, pmpkg_t *pkg,
 	   on that list */
 	*packages = alpm_list_add(*packages, pkg);
+	/* Create a list of local packages which can be used to satisfy deps.
+	 * Don't use packages which are updated in the current transaction */
+	for(i = _alpm_db_get_pkgcache(local); i; i = i->next) {
+		if(!alpm_list_find(handle->trans->add, i->data, _alpm_pkg_cmp)) {
+			untouched = alpm_list_add(untouched, i->data);
+		}
+	}
 	_alpm_log(PM_LOG_DEBUG, "started resolving dependencies\n");
 	for(i = alpm_list_last(*packages); i; i = i->next) {
 		pmpkg_t *tpkg = i->data;
 		targ = alpm_list_add(NULL, tpkg);
-		deps = alpm_checkdeps(_alpm_db_get_pkgcache(local), 0, remove, targ);
+		deps = alpm_checkdeps(untouched, 0, remove, targ);
 		for(j = deps; j; j = j->next) {
 			pmdepmissing_t *miss = j->data;
@@ -666,6 +675,7 @@ int _alpm_resolvedeps(pmdb_t *local, alpm_list_t *dbs_sync, pmpkg_t *pkg,
 		alpm_list_free_inner(deps, (alpm_list_fn_free)_alpm_depmiss_free);
+	alpm_list_free(untouched);
 	_alpm_log(PM_LOG_DEBUG, "finished resolving dependencies\n");

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