[pacman-dev] Matching split packages to PKGBUILDs

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Thu Jan 21 15:08:23 EST 2010

> Thats nice...  I have yet to see a proposal that could replace the 
> current bash based PKGBUILDs with out loosing a great deal of the 
> simplicity and flexibility of the PKGBUILD format.  That includes the 
> format you have proposed.  Until this mythical format appears, the 
> "lazyness" will continue as that is what the situation warrants.

The format that I've "proposed" is just an incomplete idea that comes
from thinking out loud. Unfortunately, instead of getting useful
feedback or starting any sort of reasonable discussion, the general
response has been anything but constructive. I had hoped that others
would contribute ideas and suggestions but unfortunately most people
seem to have reached that level of complacency that they no longer have
any inclination to think differently about something they've been doing
one way for years, because "it just works". It's like dealing with a
bunch of grumpy old men who just keep muttering "that'll never work"
without trying to think of a way that it might. It's the same attitude
that leads to the "submit a patch or else I won't even look at it"


I'll leave it at that before this becomes too contentious. Thanks for
the reply.

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