[pacman-dev] [PATCH 1/2] add two entries to pacman manpage examples section

Ivan S. Freitas ivansichfreitas at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 12:45:18 EDT 2010

> Uhm actually I would place -Ss before -U, because it's almost required for -S
> 1) search with -Ss
> 2) install with -S
> 3) upgrade with -Syu
> 4) install AUR package with makepkg -si (or makepkg -s + pacman -U but
> I dont use that much)

This one I think would be helpful:
5) clean cache with -Sc (or Scc)

Ivan Sichmann Freitas
Engenharia de Computação 2009
Grupo Pró Software Livre UNICAMP - GPSL

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