[pacman-dev] makepkg patch series summary

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Jun 18 01:54:13 EDT 2010


A quick summary of what is happening with the patch series submitted by 
Andres.   My local testing branch will be pushed to my repo some time in 
the next day and the patches will migrate to my working branch for Dan 
to pull as I test them more.

[PATCH 01/11] makepkg: fix variable checks when writing pkginfo
  - on my testing branch with additional commit message

[PATCH 02/11] makepkg: use declare -f's return val when checking for 
  - on my testing branch

[PATCH 03/11] makepkg: do not attempt to strip arch agnostic packages
  - -1 from Dan
  - +1 from Allan
  - I want to include this until a valid example of why it should not be 
is found
  - would require documentation updates

[PATCH 04/11] makepkg: less code duplication in create_package
  - on my testing branch

[PATCH 05/11] makepkg: undeclared local variables
  - on my testing branch with better commit summary and message

[PATCH 06/11] makepkg: less code repetition for emtpy variable checking
  - on my testing branch with typo fixed

[PATCH 07/11] makepkg: less code repetition when sanitizing variable 
  - error messages must remain as informative as currently for this to 
be accepted
  - will definitely accept update to man pages describing variable 

[PATCH 08/11] makepkg: add to variables without expanding them
  - on my testing branch

[PATCH 09/11] makepkg: merge in-line splitpkg handling logic
  - on my testing branch
  - new function name may change before moving to my working branch 
(run-split-packaging?).  It will definitely change in the future (I have 
a draft patch that completely unifies split and non-split packaging).

[PATCH 10/11] makepkg: do not ask sudo password twice
  - under-going cool down period.  Will revisit in a week.

[PATCH 11/11] makepkg: fix inconsistent output when checking dependencies
  - on my testing branch
  - need to remind translators about this during 3.5 release phase...

That is 8 1/2 out of 11 patches to be accepted without major revision, 
which is a very good strike rate around here.


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