[pacman-dev] pacman shell scripts and bash3.2 compat - Was: [PATCH 04/11] makepkg: less code duplication in create_package

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Jun 20 23:54:46 EDT 2010

On 21/06/10 03:21, Andres P wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 6:09 AM, Allan McRae<allan at archlinux.org>  wrote:
>> That is a bash4 command so will break cygwin compatibility (which currently
>> has bash-3.2).  Resubmit with something like "tr [:lower:] [:upper:]" usage.
>> (I know the ${i^^} is used elsewhere, but that slipped passed my notice and
>> will be being reverted.
> bash_completion also has bash 4 only items...

Can you point them out?

> Please write a style guide for all shell scripts....

Yes, _someone_ should...  I have put it low down on my ever growing TODO 


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