[pacman-dev] bash-3 only error trap activation

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Jun 21 20:03:56 EDT 2010

On 22/06/10 03:42, Andres P wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 1:06 AM, Allan McRae<allan at archlinux.org>  wrote:
>>         pmout=$(run_pacman -T "$@")<- HERE
>>         ret=$?
>> The first one gets set off anytime "depends" or "makedepends" are empty and
>> can be fixed by using "|| return 0", but the second is doing my head in...
>>   Of course, turning off the error trap around those commands makes it work,
>> and that may be an OK approach given we are dealing with all error states
>> below that.
> Try:
> ret=$?
> pmout=$(run_pacman -T "$@") || ret=$?
> Using || after the asigment will prevent setting the err trap.

Of course I tried that...  It does not work:

==> Making package: pacman-contrib 3.4.0-1 (Tue Jun 22 08:46:58 EST 2010)
==> Checking Runtime Dependencies...
==> 127                      ($ret value from within run_pacman)
==> ERROR: An unknown error has occurred. Exiting...
==> 1                        ($ret value after "|| ret=$?")
==> ERROR: 'pacman' returned a fatal error (1): pacman>4
                              (wrong return value so wrong error message)

I looks like in bash-3.2 the following happens.  run_pacman returns 127 
which sets off the error trap.   Then the assignment fails which sets of 
another error trap.  The use of "|| ret=$?" prevents the assignment 
failure error but now there is the wrong return value.

> Funny how you noticed the first, because I was about to submit a patch
> that did not return false if there were no arguments.
> In reality though, it should be this:
> [[ $@ ]] || return 0
> Because (( $# )) will not count emtpy arguments.
> If check_deps is passed quoted arguments that expand to nothing, it
> will malfunction.

I think that if check_deps is passed empty arguments, then there is not 
dependencies to check and it should just return.


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