[pacman-dev] weird error when makepkg

甘露(Gan Lu) rhythm.gan at gmail.com
Thu Jun 24 04:02:56 EDT 2010

there are two reports related to my translation (Chinese simplified),
but I can't find any similar items in my po file, so I ask here for
1. when makepkg with -sifr, there are error in finishing:
==> 完成创建:plymouth-git 20100624-1 (2010年 06月 24日 星期四 15:48:46 CST)
/usr/bin/makepkg: line 93: printf: `$': invalid format character
the correspondent line in /usr/bin/makepkg is:  printf
"${GREEN}==>${ALL_OFF}${BOLD} ${mesg}${ALL_OFF}\n" "$@" >&2
sorry for Chinese but this error only occurs in zh_CN environment, C
or en_US.UTF-8 works well.
2. other one is (report by others, I currently don't know what argue
he use 'makepkg'):
/usr/bin/makepkg: line 902: * 1024 : syntax error: operand expected
(error token is "* 1024 ")
the correspondent line in /usr/bin/makepkg is:  size="$((
${size%%[^0-9]*} * 1024 ))"


[root at myhost plymouth-git]# pacman -Qs pacman
local/pacman 3.4.0-2 (base)
    A library-based package manager with dependency support

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