[pacman-dev] pacman, formatted output

tuxce tuxce.net at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 22:46:09 CET 2010

Hi, I made a little program in C, package-query to query alpm and aur.
He takes an option to format his output and I'm wondering if this
feature can be implemented in pacman (just for alpm of course).

I think I can provide a patch to implement it for queries like -{Q,S}s
with an option --format, but I don't know if it could interest.

To see how it renders, you can try package-query-git from AUR, example:

$ # repo/name version [local version]
$ package-query -Ss pacman -f "%r/%n %v [%l]"
core/pacman 3.3.3-1 [3.3.3-1]
core/pacman-mirrorlist 20100131-1 [20100131-1]
extra/namcap 2.5-1 [2.5-1]
extra/srcpac 0.7-1 [-]
community/pacman-contrib 3.3.3-1 [3.3.3-1]
community/pacpan 4.0-4 [-]
community/pacupdate 0.1.1-2 [-]
community/powerpill 17.1-1 [17.1-1]
community/xpacman 0.11-4 [-]
community/xpacman2 1.002-2 [-]

btw, thanks for the work done in alpm, I found it quite simple to
understand even if there is no documentation :)

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