[pacman-dev] NEWS for 3.4.0 - very, very draft

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Fri May 14 00:59:10 CEST 2010

On Sun, May 9, 2010 at 6:09 AM, Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org> wrote:
> A very draft NEWS item based on "git shortlog --no-merges master --not
> v3.3.0".  May be a bit makepkg-centric, but numbers of patches for makepkg
> is quite high this time and many pacman patches are the "not-newsworthy"
> type...
> Anyway, cut/add entries and I can flash it out some more.
> pacman:
>  -D --database option
>  show required by in -Sii output
>  Architecture --arch option / check package arch / $arch
I'd definitely give more space to $arch, as that is a nice deal that
should prevent some stupid errors (and allow us to make
pacman-mirrorlist 'any', yay).

>  --print/--print-format
>  only extract new DB entiries
>  -Su foo
* Allow -Qo to perform a functional 'which'
* Cache cleaning cleans all directories, not just first

> util:
>  deltacleanup
>  rankmirror -> bash
>  repo-add - can create "empty" repo when removing last package
Static vercmp

> makepkg:
>  new packaging variable - changelog
>  Allow overriding pkgver, pkgrel, arch in split packages
>  Can specify subsets of packages to build from a split package
>  warn about references to build root in package
>  deprecate repackaging without a package function
>  can only use package() function
>  strip options are configurable
>  auto abort on any packaging error
>  --skipinteg
>  syntax checking for backup and optdepends entries
bash [ -> [[ refactor? I usually put big changes like that in NEWS

> contrib:
>  pactree - reverse tree
bacman- small improvements?

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