[pacman-dev] [PATCH] [makepkg] split debug support

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri May 21 20:24:39 EDT 2010

General comments:

1) Why do we need a $dbgdir? It is creating a package so just reuse 
pkgdir.   The way I see the layout is:


Split packages already use the subdir in $startdir/pkg approach and I 
see no reason not to extend it for the single package approach.  In 
fact, that is basically the only difference between single and split 
packages so it would unify that code.  As part of that unification, we 
would get the backing up of variables before entering the package 
function so we could just override them as needed for the debug package 

2) I would much prefer having a flag (--dbgpkg?) over the adding of an 
option (perhaps with a default setting in makepkg.conf for those that 
want to always build debug packages).  Adding an option in a PKGBUILD 
"forces" everyone to use it given it overrides makepkg.conf settings.

3) How does this interact with !strip?

4) How does this interact with "makepkg -i"

5) Should this only work with packages that are not arch=any? I.e. in a 
split package with some binary and some "any" packages, only the binary 
packages should have debug packages created.  At the moment it looks 
like it will create an empty package.

6) I do not understand what secure_dir is needed for?  I do not think 
that this was part of the original patch.


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