[pacman-dev] Groups. Again.

Xavier chantry.xavier at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 03:09:36 EDT 2010

Allan McRae wrote:
> This is actually clearer than it used to be now that it includes the
> repo name in the query.  From memory, it used to ask if you wanted
> to install all packages from base-devel twice in situations like
> this.
> I still wonder if it is possible to just have one query for this?  I
> seem to remember investigating that in the past and deciding it was
> beyond me but maybe with the new group code...

I thought that was covered by your answer one week ago :

- me: hey
- question from jakob
- Why would you ever only install core/base-devel without testing/base-devel if
- you have the testing repo enabled? In my opinion it's just weird having to go
- through the 'Install all from group / install individual pkg' step twice.
- Allan: I tend to agree...
- but that is just thinking about the arch repos...
- what if you have a third party repo with a group that has the same name as in
- another third party repo
- weird but possible?

> I agree that is a clyde problem and not something we should worry about.

It would be bad to push a minor release that break some frontends though.
However if we make sure that the whole 3 frontends (clyde, shaman, pyalpmm*, any
others) don't fail hard on unknown callbacks but ignore them instead, it's fine.

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