[pacman-dev] some pacman work

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Wed Oct 20 00:54:52 EDT 2010

On 20/10/10 04:39, Xavier Chantry wrote:
> About my pending work on http://code.toofishes.net/cgit/xavier/pacman.git/
> parseargs: sent to the ML and updated according to feedback

I like how the sorting that has been implemented now.  Ack.

> depwork: forgot if I send this stuff, should I ?

Never seen it before, but looking at the patches now I give it an ack.

> pactree: all the work I did with Dave Reisner on pactree C rewrite,
> all ready and done now. depends on depwork for find_satisfier

Cool.  Still not sure about moving it to util instead of contrib.  It 
does not really fit in with vercmp, testdb etc which are distributed by 
"make install".

> sodeps: depends on parseargs because it changes one arg, and on
> depwork (make depcmp private), because it changes many _alpm_depcmp to
> _alpm_depcmp_tolerant. This was sent to ML. Nagy said it was ok. I
> find this distinction between depcmp (ignore -Sdd) vs depcmp_tolerant
> (respect -Sdd) a bit ugly, but I don't see any better way.

No comment from me - I have not had time to look at these in detail.


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