[pacman-dev] Problem with alpm_pkg_changelog_open

kachelaqa kachelaqa at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 14:38:05 EDT 2011


i have used swig to create some python bindings for libalpm.

with pacman-3.4 it was possible to use alpm_pkg_changelog_open with 
packages from both the local and sync databases.

with pacman-3.5, however, packages from sync databases now produce a 
segfault (local packages still work fine).

here is a sample of some code which is currently segfaulting for me:

int test_changelog(pmpkg_t *pkg) {
     void *fp = NULL;

     if (pkg != NULL) {
         if ((fp = alpm_pkg_changelog_open(pkg)) != NULL) {
             alpm_pkg_changelog_close(pkg, fp);
             return 1;
     return 0;

am i doing something wrong, or should i post a bug report?

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