[pacman-dev] Issues with strip on package sources

Mathew de Detrich deteego at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 07:57:14 EDT 2011

A problem that seems to be occurring on packages (typically on AUR) where
makepkg using gnu's strip causes the package building process to fail (since
/usr/bin/strip terminates with a different error message) when there is an
incompatible object file in the source. As an example with this current
package (read the latest comments)

It fails to build unless you add
into the PKGBUILD, which of course solves the problem in a bastardized way
since it doesn't strip anything at all (and causes ridiculously bloated

In this case the problem seems to be that the source package contains an
object file from a different architecture (x64) which when stripped, causes
the strip to prematurely terminate (and thus the building of the package to

I looked through the man page for strip and there doesn't seem to be an
option for it to continue stripping even if it hits an incompatible source
file. The other option I guess would be to add more granularity (or another
option) where you can provide a mask for objects not to be stripped (so you
can do something like *64.so and any file matching that mask wont be
stripped). Or you could manually invoke strip on every object file, and not
terminate the makepkg process should it hit an "incompatible" object file

In any case its an annoyance

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