[pacman-dev] pyalpm 0.4

Rémy Oudompheng remyoudompheng at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 17:50:02 EDT 2011


I am pleased to announce that I tagged version 0.4 of pyalpm.

Pyalpm is a personal project based on initial code by Imanol Celaya to
deliver Python bindings for libalpm. It runs on Python 3.2 (the C
library is probably compatible with Python 3.1) and currently wraps
most of libalpm API from pacman 3.5.

New features since version 0.2 include :
* wrapping of transaction functions (allowing to
install/upgrade/remove packages)
* allowing most libalpm callbacks to be Python functions
* pycman now supports almost all pacman options

Pyalpm also includes a nearly full-featured rewrite of pacman in
python, dubbed "pycman". The goals of "pycman" are multiple:
* be identical in usage with pacman (except for the ugly output and
user non-interaction)
* ensure pyalpm wraps enough functions to be able to develop a package
managing front-end on top of it
* have a quicker overview of source code that replicates pacman's behaviour
* help testing pyalpm with real world usage
* demonstrate code snippets for basic usage of pyalpm
* serve as a basis for quickly hacking a variant of pacman
* provide a Python library that reads and applies settings from pacman.conf

Pyalpm can be found at
(when FTP site will be synchronized) and is meant to be compilable on
other platforms than Archlinux, possibly with modifications to

A PKGBUILD is available on AUR for Archlinux users.


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