[pacman-dev] [GIT] The official pacman repository annotated tag, v3.5.2, created. v3.5.2

Dan McGee dan at archlinux.org
Mon Apr 18 12:32:26 EDT 2011

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The annotated tag, v3.5.2 has been created
        at  8d9d8868a257d1a79be624396705f6faec0da364 (tag)
   tagging  18c73b00027128d535b89b5ccc8894f00669620c (commit)
  replaces  v3.5.1
 tagged by  Dan McGee
        on  Mon Apr 18 11:30:39 2011 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
3.5.2 maint release, see NEWS for details
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Allan McRae (2):
      makepkg: remove unnecessary tr usage
      makepkg: improve parsing for sanity checks

Andrea Scarpino (1):
      call alpm_option_get_localdb once in syncfirst()

Dan McGee (21):
      Update usage instruction strings
      Don't include version in dep string if mod == ANY
      Rework find_requiredby() to not use _alpm_dep_edge()
      Move alpm_find_dbs_satisfier() function down in deps.c
      Mark various functions in deps.c static
      Ensure reported missing dependencies show correct version comparison
      Clarify error message in pacman-db-upgrade
      Update pacman.pot with changed strings
      Update .mailmap file
      Add initial 3.5.2 notes
      Fix an outdated comment
      Ignore upcoming new values in sync backend
      Ensure dbpath is not null when populating sync database
      Add default changelog functions to pkg_operations
      Ensure stdout/stderr are flushed when asking questions
      test: fix invalid usage of 'type -p'
      Coding style cleanups
      bacman: fix the fact that the depends file no longer exists
      Remove Korean language translation files
      3.5.2 translation updates from Transifex
      Final updates for 3.5.2 release

Dave Reisner (2):
      alpm/db: do not close local DB in alpm_db_unregister_all
      makepkg: avoid usage of tr to sidestep locale issues

Jan Steffens (1):
      Make log redirection saner

Ray Kohler (1):
      Add -T, --deptest to usage message

Rémy Oudompheng (18):
      alpm/handle.c: ensure handle is not NULL before proceeding
      Fix compatibility with older versions of libarchive.
      util.c: include limits.h for PATH_MAX macro
      db.c: set pm_errno appropriately in alpm_db_set_pkgreason()
      makepkg: fix a GNU-ism in awk usage
      diskspace: add the actually used statfs type in ifdefs
      libalpm: set pm_errno correctly in alpm_trans_get_flags()
      Fix broken documentation for alpm_trans_prepare()
      Move documentation of public transaction functions to alpm.h
      alpm.h: add documentation for package property accessors
      Move documentation of public database functions to alpm.h
      alpm.h: organize doxygen documentation in groups
      Move documentation for public package function to alpm.h
      alpm.h: more documentation for pkgreason, depend and errno.
      More documentation for option getters/setters.
      alpm.h: document transaction flags
      alpm.h: fix typos in documentation
      makepkg.sh.in: fix a GNU-ism in su invocation

Xavier Chantry (3):
      libalpm/pkghash.c: unused variable ptr
      libalpm/be_local.c: unused variable ent
      pacman/query: correctly handle root files with -Qo


The official pacman repository

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