[pacman-dev] [GIT] The official pacman repository annotated tag, v4.0.0rc1, created. v4.0.0rc1

Dan McGee dan at archlinux.org
Thu Aug 11 12:49:01 EDT 2011

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "The official pacman repository".

The annotated tag, v4.0.0rc1 has been created
        at  a6a0774cf63d50c43547c64b1c70a27cd536a5c2 (tag)
   tagging  c5eccedc63dedd6a0ac89f86c8fc54e7ccad40be (commit)
  replaces  v3.5.4
 tagged by  Dan McGee
        on  Thu Aug 11 11:46:14 2011 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Initial 4.0.0 RC release, let's break stuff
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Allan McRae (120):
      makepkg: place signature symlink in build dir
      repo-add: add symlink to signature file
      pacman-key: improve usage output
      Report output from signature checking to debug log
      Add functions for verifying database signature
      Download and verify package database signatures
      Do not reuse old signature
      Document makepkg package signing options
      Add configure option to specify package signing key
      repo-add: simplify usage message
      repo-add: check for valid key when signing is requested
      repo-add: check for gpg early
      repo-add: document -k option
      repo-add: update copyright message
      Deal with unused function parameters correctly
      Dan broke my patch
      pacman-key: update copyright
      Remove incorrect output with download only and IgnorePkg
      pkgdelta: add vim modeline
      pacman-key: add vim modeline and fix whitespace issues
      Fix name of original files in scripts
      Fix bracket type in makefile
      makepkg: reword purge message
      makepkg: move option parsing code to separate file
      scripts: refactor output formatting functions
      scripts/library: add README file
      parse_options: adjust error messages
      Clean up makefile for script generation
      makepkg: create source package inside fakeroot
      makepkg: Add UPX compression support
      makepkg: allow specifying alternative build directory
      makepkg: adjust libprovides/depends messages
      makepkg: move comment into correct place
      Remove old TODO lists
      makepkg: add software check function
      makepkg: clean-up of output messages
      Document group and providers selection
      makepkg: remove the cleancache option
      Add scripts po directory to autoclean.sh
      Remove two alpm_list_count usages
      Rename pmpkgreason_t to alpm_pkgreason_t
      Rename pmdepmod_t to alpm_depmod_t
      Rename pmfileconflicttype_t to alpm_fileconflicttype_t
      Rename pmhandle_t to alpm_handle_t
      Rename pmdb_t to alpm_db_t
      Rename pmpkg_t to alpm_pkg_t
      Rename pmtrans_t to alpm_trans_t
      Rename pmdepend_t to alpm_depend_t
      Rename pmdepmissing_t to alpm_depmissing_t
      Rename pmconflict_t to alpm_conflict_t
      Rename pmfileconflict_t to alpm_fileconflict_t
      Rename pmgrp_t to alpm_group_t
      Rename pmdelta_t to alpm_delta_t
      Rename pmbackup_t to alpm_backup_t
      Rename pmloglevel_t to alpm_loglevel_t
      Rename pmtransflag_t to alpm_transflag_t
      Rename pmtransevt_t to alpm_transevt_t
      Rename pmtransconv_t to alpm_transconv_t
      Rename pmtransprog_t to alpm_transprog_t
      Rename pmerrno_t to alpm_errno_t
      Rename pmpkgfrom_t to alpm_pkgfrom_t
      Rename pmgraph_t to alpm_graph_t
      Rename pmpkghash_t to alpm_pkghash_t
      Rename pmtransstate_t to alpm_transstate_t
      Rename pmdbinfrq_t to alpm_dbinfrq_t
      Rename _pmdbstatus_t to _alpm_dbstatus_t
      Update README with changes to struct names
      Rename public functions with grp in their name
      Rename internal functions with grp in their name
      Use ignoregroup rather than ignoregrp in the handle
      makepkg: fix removing symbolic link
      Prefix alpm_pkgreason_t members with ALPM
      Prefix alpm_depmod_t members with ALPM
      Prefix alpm_fileconflicttype_t members with ALPM
      Prefix alpm_loglevel_t members with ALPM
      Prefix alpm_transflag_t members with ALPM
      Prefix alpm_transevt_t members with ALPM
      Prefix alpm_transconv_t members with ALPM
      Prefix alpm_transprog_t members with ALPM
      Prefix _alpm_errno_t members with ALPM
      Add alpm_list_previous method
      Do not replicate files list when removing packages
      Remove alpm_list_first
      Simplify alpm_list_previous
      parse_options: add missing newlines
      parse_options: implement optional arguments
      parse_options: accept multiple arguments
      Add library files to POTFILES.in
      makepkg: update --pkg desciption in man page
      pacman-key: fix syntax highlighting
      repo-add: backup old database signature too
      Move some .gitignore entries
      repo-add: always remove repo signature symlink
      repo-add: do not print full path of signature file
      makepkg.conf: remove curl from other common tools
      configure: output more compile settings
      Fix compilation without gpgme
      pacman-key: use our option parser
      pacman-key: remove the --adv option
      pacman-key: rename --del to --delete
      pacman-key: allow the export of all key ids
      pacman-key: rename --trust to --edit-key
      pacman-key: update man page
      pacman-key: move --edit-key and --receive processing to functions
      pacman-key: move verifying keyring files to own function
      pacman-key: check only a single operation has been specified
      pacman-key: add --verify option
      pacman-key: add --init option
      pacman-key: check required permissions on keyring
      pacman-key: add dependency on parse_options to Makefile
      makepkg: pkgver and pkgrel can not have whitespace
      makepkg: check overrides for pkgrel and pkgver
      makepkg: check arch overrides for required architecture
      makepkg: allow epoch to be overridden
      makepkg: get package version with overrides
      makepkg: more control of skipping integrity checks
      makepkg: refactor checking source integrity
      pacman-key: fix syntax error in -r arg parsing
      pacman-key: follow gpg options for listing keys
      makepkg: fix removing symbolic link

Chris Brannon (1):
      Let pacman specify GnuPG's home directory.

DJ Mills (3):
      makepkg: Remove OPT_TEMP hack in parse_options call
      makepkg: Remove pre-optimization from in_array()
      pacman-key: change GPG_PACMAN and GPG_NOKEYRING to arrays

Dan McGee (279):
      Merge branch 'download'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Style change: return(x) --> return x
      Ensure dlcb is defined before calling it
      Merge branch 'maint'
      makepkg: allow signatures to work with split packages
      repo-add: allow signing of the package database
      repo-add: add -v/--verify option
      repo-add: Fix up usage with GPG options
      pacman-key help, round three
      pacman-key manpage updates
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'gpg-pacman-key'
      repo-add: add sha256sum values to repo database
      Merge branch 'gpg-build-tools'
      Add base64 algorithms from PolarSSL to libalpm
      Allow PGP signature to be read from sync database
      Add PGP signature support to pactest
      Read in .sig files when opening a package file
      Remove libfetch error code
      Add a few pactests for PGP integration
      Merge branch 'gpg-libalpm-basics'
      Actually read PGPSIG field in sync DB code
      Add signature directory as option on libalpm handle
      Add some error codes for signature verification
      Integrate GPGME into libalpm
      Add a pactest showing failed GPG verification
      Remove unnecessary sanity check on db->setserver
      Refactor signature loading code into common function
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Temporary fix for new warnings from gcc 4.6
      Documentation formatting updates
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Unify filelist operation functions in conflict checking
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Don't create two pmpkg_t objects in be_package
      Move graph.h functions into graph.c
      Remove indirection on get_name and get_version operations
      Include "config.h" in header files using off_t
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove outdated comments
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Put comments on their own line
      alpm.h: forward-declare shared enumerations
      syntax: if/while statements should have no trailing space
      Header inclusion cleanup
      Form the signature file location in one place
      Rename gpgsig struct fields for clarity
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'remy/doxygen'
      be_sync: use _alpm_db_get_sigverify_level()
      libalpm/dload: const and static correctness
      cleanup: add_pkg() and remove_pkg()
      Merge branch 'maint'
      libalpm/dload: add allow_resume and reorder error checks
      libalpm/dload: major refactor of signature downloading
      Make dump_pkg_full a little less insane
      signing: let GPGME handle loading signatures from files
      Rein in the complexity of the signature type
      sync_commit: refactor out file downloads
      sync_commit: refactor out validate_deltas
      Perform package verification at package load time
      Enhance GPGME debug output
      signing: add more detail to unexpected signature count error
      Allow conditional compilation with GPGME
      configure: add output showing what libraries will be used
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Reduce duplicate signing debug code and fix logic condition
      Fix warnings reported by -Wwrite-strings
      pactree: make -Wwrite-strings friendly
      Merge branch 'maint'
      dload: make sure we never print a bogus error buffer
      Fix incorrect memory allocation assignment
      dload: ensure we return success if we found files on any mirror
      pactest: run with root in /tmp and clean up automatically
      Move parseconfig to conf.c
      Make config parsing a two-part affair
      Logging changes during DB load
      Improve database server API
      Don't null-check handle lists before setting
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Refactor VerifySig option value parsing into standalone method
      Rework config parsing to reduce variable duplication
      Remove sync DB reregister check
      Don't balk on .sig files being invalid in package cache
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      doc: monospace attribute escape fixes
      Add two currently failing test cases from bug reports
      Show net upgrade size on -U/-S operations
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove ALPM_LOG_FUNC macro
      Remove unnecessary handle != NULL asserts
      Add handle attribute to pmdb_t struct
      Add handle attribute to pmpkg_t struct
      Push down extern handle variable to files that need it
      Remove global handle from util.c
      Remove global handle from diskspace.c
      Remove global handle from some package and db code
      Remove global handle from remove.c
      Remove global handle dependencies from sync/upgrade paths
      Use standard errno codes in return from _alpm_archive_fgets
      Add helper methods for setting directory options
      Be consistent with memory treatment for plural option setters
      Add cachedirs one-by-one in set_cachedirs()
      New signatures for alpm initialize and release
      Update utilities for new initialize/release methods
      Revamp pacman setup code to handle new alpm initialize routine
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Plug a memory leak
      pactest: only create install file if necessary
      Fix graph free valgrind warnings
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'allan/working'
      _alpm_lstat: only duplicate string if necessary
      Kill all remaining 'PATH_MAX + 1' usages
      Require handle argument to alpm_logaction()
      Require handle argument to all alpm_option_(get|set)_*() methods
      Require handle argument to all alpm_trans_*() methods
      Require handle for alpm_db_register_sync()
      Require handle for alpm_sync_sysupgrade()
      commit_single_pkg(): Use handle object directly
      Fix all current return(x) usages
      Fix memory leak if package sig was invalid
      Add handle argument to alpm_(add|remove)_pkg()
      Require handle for alpm_pkg_load()
      Require handle for alpm_checkconflicts()
      Add handle argument to two more alpm methods
      Move pm_errno onto the handle
      Switch all logging to use handle directly
      Remove global handle variable
      Always pass data to trans_commit()
      conf: _parseconfig() cleanups and documentation
      conf: do batch processing of repo sections
      alpm_db_update(): refactor out sync dir create/check
      Add a helper method for retrieving the DB signature path
      Remove alpm_db_get_url()
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'florian/sodeps'
      Add handle argument to _alpm_pkg_should_ignore()
      Small handle related cleanups
      Conflict check and skip_remove code cleanups
      Avoid setting sigverify option twice
      Ensure handle is valid and pm_errno is reset when calling into API
      Alpm pkg accessors: ensure pkg argument is non-NULL
      Rename and rework signing helper methods
      valgrind.supp: add known leak exposed by cURL
      Merge branch 'maint'
      API: change 'signaturedir' to 'gpgdir'
      Make pmfileconflict_t type public
      Make struct pmconflict_t public
      Make pmdepend_t and pmdepmissing_t public
      Make pmdelta_t public
      Make pmgrp_t public
      Don't call public API in _alpm_log()
      Merge branch 'public-structs'
      Clean up util md5sum method
      Correctly duplicate delta objects
      Improve cachedir removal and error handling
      pactest: add retcode=0 to several tests
      repo-add: allow creating a database with no compression
      makepkg: fix 'check_sofware' typo
      Convert backup list to new pmbackup_t type
      makepkg: remove distcc/makeflags option interaction
      Let configure gettext setup know we use ngettext()
      Update all translation files
      po/: split into scripts/po/ and src/pacman/po/
      scripts/po/: prune message catalog and translations
      src/pacman/po/: prune message catalog and translations
      scripts/po/: add pacman-key
      Merge branch 'po-split'
      Prevent segfault when parsing unexpected sync database file
      Remove three unnecessary usages of alpm_list_count()
      pactest: add isize attribute, fix url attribute
      pactest: clean up database section writing
      pactest: small cleanups and chmod -x most files
      pactest: make pmfile a bit more pythonic
      pactest: move filelist/backup generation into package object
      pactest: refactor install file creation
      pactest: generate sync DB's in memory
      Do database signature checking at load time
      Move database 'version' check to registration time
      Add a 'valid' flag to the database object
      Move locking functions to handle
      Don't require a transaction for sync DB updates
      valgrind.supp: add known leaks from GPGME
      archive_fgets(): ensure we return any trailing text with no newline
      Make sync DB reading a bit more flexible
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix several -Wshadow warnings
      Remove setter for DB signature level
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'dave/repo-add'
      pacman-optimize: use output library
      repo-add: remove extra exit call
      Revert "Merge branch 'master' of git://projects.archlinux.org/pacman"
      makepkg: only source user override if using default config file
      repo-add: fix db creation one last time
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'allan/breakshit'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'dave/makepkg'
      Fix a few warnings pointed out via clang scan-build
      Make local_db_read() private to the local backend
      pactest: create packages in memory
      pactest: remove no longer necessary newline hacks
      Add an alpm_db_get_valid() public function
      Make alpm_db_get_sigverify_level() public
      signing: check validity of all available signatures
      be_sync: make READ_NEXT() a no-arg macro
      be_local: use macros in database loading similar to be_sync
      checkdeps: remove unnecessary list join and copy
      Fix debug logger without a newline
      pactest: add a few more checks to fileconflict checks
      Move alpm filelists to a struct object
      diskspace: remove all libarchive usage
      conflict code tweaks and cleanups
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'allan/ALPM'
      signing: move to new signing verification and return scheme
      Correctly check the GPG error codes
      Allow frontend access to signature verification information
      Allow invalid sync DBs to be returned by the library
      Remove most usages of strncmp()
      Rework -Si display logic
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'dave/download'
      include util.h in rawstr.c
      Unify package removal code
      Add 'compress' compression format as an available option
      Allow fileconflict if unowned file moving into backup array
      Make alpm_db_set_pkgreason() arguments more sane
      doc/PKGBUILD: clarify scriptlet version arguments
      Handle removal of empty directories properly
      Add a new epoch pactest
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix test suite when GPGME is disabled
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'allan/pacman-key'
      Clean up my debug logger mess
      contrib: add paclog-pkglist to gitignore
      Convert package filelists to an array instead of linked list
      contrib/pacsearch: skip non-matching lines
      Remove duplicate code shared between sync and upgrade
      Unify modelines in Asciidoc files
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'dave/scripts-fixup'
      Make free_groupcache() private
      Tidy up testdb to match coding styles
      Revamp signing checks
      pactest: use subprocess module instead of os.system
      Don't trim whitespace when reading database entries
      Implement parsing of the new SigLevel directive
      docs/pacman.conf: Document SigLevel option
      Check return value of rename() calls
      Bash-ify test/util/vercmptest.sh
      Add a test harness for new pacsort command
      Store a package info level flag if we fail to load data
      Merge branch 'maint'
      _alpm_access(): don't call gettext() in debug level loggers
      Update all translation files
      Update transifex config for new translation layout
      Update several translation strings
      Attempt to fix up some of the brokenness around failed package loads
      Add reason to corrupted package callback
      pactest: improve speed of local DB dependent rules
      Depend on name_hash being set
      Fix compile error when curl is not used
      doc/pacman.conf: make SigLevel overview an unordered list
      Don't walk off front of string when stripping newline
      Add a slightly simpler versioned replace test
      Update string catalogs after string tweaks
      Conflict comparison performance enhancements
      Parse replaces strings as dep strings with version specs
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix stupid typo in NEWS file updates
      build: remove mucking with CARCHFLAGS
      configure: simplify CARCH generation madness
      Dependency code style cleanups
      Add -S --recursive operation
      Allow --needed and --recursive on -U operations
      Update trust level strings in -Qi display
      Attempt to update zsh_completion
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Enable recursive/needed sync on SyncFirst
      Bump version to 4.0.0rc1

Dave Reisner (97):
      Add configure.ac option for --with-curl
      add curl to alpm initialization and teardown routines
      handle: Add CURL* and CURLcode vars to struct
      prefix fetch based functions with fetch_
      share code between libfetch and libcurl
      handle error case for PM_ERR_LIBCURL
      dload.c: add curl_download_internal
      dload: temp patch to allow curl/fetch coexistance
      Remove all traces of libfetch
      Fix triple progress bars on download
      remove antiquated contrib/wget-xdelta.sh
      lib/dload.c: remove lingering libfetch specific headers
      INSTALL: replace libfetch with libcurl
      lib/dload.c: fix opening braces to conform with coding style
      buildsys: use libcurl's m4 macro for buildtime detection
      lib/dload.c: fix compiler warnings generated by -Wfloat-equal
      lib/dload.c: Fix progress callback issues on download
      lib/dload.c: don't request compressed transport
      lib/dload.c: don't use deprecated curl symbols
      lib/dload.c: Check for dlcb == NULL earlier
      etc/makepkg.conf: use curl in place of wget as a DLAGENT
      lib/dload: pass a struct with filename and size to curl_progress
      pacman/pacman.c: fix setting of useragent string
      lib/dload: merge get_{destfile,tempfile} into get_fullpath
      lib/dload: code simplification
      lib/dload: remove proxy debug output
      lib/dload: abstract out helper function to set utimes
      Rely on the return value of type instead of its output
      pacman/util: flush terminal input before reading response
      lib: remove dead code in be_local and be_package
      style cleanup: cast as (type *) not (type*)
      Allow VerifySig to act as a default verification in [options]
      dload: abort transfer on CURLOPT_LOW_SPEED_LIMIT
      lib/dload.c: remove assumption in continuation logic
      lib/handle: use CALLOC macro instead of bare calloc
      pacman/util.c: support terminals with unknown width
      lib/util: call _alpm_log before setting handle->pm_errno
      repo-add: use bash equivalents of basename/dirname
      repo-add: show better error when path to repo does not exist
      repo-add: style cleanup
      repo-add: fix path designation regression
      parse-options: simplify unused-arg & parameter printing
      makepkg: fix incorrect parenthesis in gettext call
      pactree: carry a list of databases for dep resolution
      Merge branch 'master' of git://projects.archlinux.org/pacman
      repo-add: bashify reading of .PKGINFO file
      repo-add: store multi-value fields as arrays
      repo-add: use format_entry for all desc/depends fields
      repo-add.8.txt: document valid DB file extensions
      pactree: add -s option to walk sync DBs
      repo-add: refactor repacking of repo file
      repo-add: move command invocation out of arg parsing loop
      repo-add: enforce file extensions
      repo-add: add new command, repo-elephant
      makepkg: remove unneeded echo
      makepkg: fix vim syntax highlighting
      makepkg: simplify SIGNPKG check
      repo-add.sh.in: avoid being clever with repo repacking
      lib/alpm: unlock the handle before freeing it
      lib/util: modify entry_prefix, not prefix
      pacman: return with 128+signum on signaled exit
      move proto files to new subdirectory, proto/
      lib/rawstr: borrow raw string functions from curl
      dload: rearrange code to avoid extra cpp block
      contrib/paclist: rewrite in bash
      dload: handle irregular URLs
      lib/dload: prevent large file attacks
      absorb some _alpm_download params into payload struct
      absorb fileinfo struct into dload_payload
      makepkg: skip devel_check when reading from a pipe
      makepkg: remove unused -C option from option list
      contrib/bash_completion: update with new makepkg opts
      contrib/paclog-pkglist: new contribution
      contrib/paclog-pkglist: rework as bash wrapping awk
      contrib/paclog-pkglist: whitespace cleanup
      PKGBUILD.vim: add new var and assert bash syntax
      pacman-key: refactor get_from
      pacman-key: tidy up logic for finding pacman keyring directory
      pacman/callback: show .sig suffix on sig download
      pacman-key: return $ret, not errors
      pacman-key: fix syntax error in -r arg parsing
      pacman-key: s/UPDATEBD/UPDATEDB/
      pacman-key: refactor post parse opt check into a case
      scripts/repo-add: show usage when no DB file specified
      scripts/pkgdelta: exit properly on missing args
      paccache: add new contrib script
      contrib/paccache: misc cleanup and bugfix
      makepkg: ignore epoch when undeclared
      pacsort: add new utility
      src/util/Makefile.am: alphabetize targets
      paccache: use pacsort instead of sort -V
      mark option structs as const
      dload: remove unnecessary cast in alpm_load_payload_free
      stop progress callbacks after curl_easy_perform returns
      pacman: remove --dbonly shortopt
      bash_completion: update for adjusted options
      pactest: add sync302 to test recursive syncfirst

Denis A. Altoé Falqueto (4):
      pacman-key: keyring management tool
      pacman-key: remake of --reload command
      makepkg: command line options for signing packages
      repo-add: add option to specify a different key to sign with

Eric Bélanger (4):
      makepkg: Added checks in check_software for distcc, ccache, strip and gzip
      makepkg: Move check for sudo into check_software function
      makepkg: Add warning if VCS tool is not present when determining latest VCS revision
      Remove -f option from ln for POSIX compliance

Florian Pritz (11):
      makepkg: add libprovides support
      makepkg: add libdepends support
      doc/PKGBUILD: document libdeps
      doc/PKGBUILD: misc changes
      doc/PKGBUILD: misc changes
      makepkg: fix broken syntax (double $)
      fix vim syntax highlighting of .sh files
      fix segfault if pacman.conf can't be read
      add _alpm_access() wrapper
      signing.c: check if needed files are readable
      replace access() calls for debug info where applicable

Geoffroy Carrier (2):
      Add GPG signature support to makepkg
      Add PGPSIG field in repo-add

Guillaume Alaux (1):
      Add man-page for pacman-key

Ivan Kanakarakis (5):
      makepkg, pacman-key: unify help message with other scripts
      pacman-key: display the unsupported command to the user
      pacman-key: improved reading of the configuration file
      pacman-key: fix quotation on several variable assignments
      pacman-key: hide output of executed commands on logic checks

Jakob Gruber (8):
      Remove ShowSize option
      Add a utility function to humanize sizes
      Use IEC unit prefixes
      Refactor display_targets for readability
      Table formatted output functions
      New VerbosePkgLists option
      Use pm_fprintpf in table_create_format
      Ensure humanize_size works for negative values

Kerrick Staley (4):
      Added initialization code for database siglevel
      Documented purpose of be_*.c
      Documented _alpm_download()
      Fixed outdated documentation in test/pacman/README

Lukas Fleischer (1):
      Don't initialize progress to zero before calling curl_easy_perform().

Pang Yan Han (6):
      Let pacman -v print GPG Dir
      Update pacman manpage and pacman.conf for gpgdir
      pacman-key: print default gpgdir in usage
      pacman-key: correct spelling mistake
      pacman-key: --init: correct creation of gpg.conf
      pacman-key: Add --import and --import-trustdb

Ray Kohler (7):
      Fix use of relative paths for packages in repo-add
      makepkg: allow PKGEXT and SRCEXT to be overridden by env variables
      Sign database even if empty
      Clean up repo-add usage message
      Update repo-add manpage
      Add manpage for pkgdelta
      Create pacman keyring directory if missing

RogutÄ—s Sparnuotos (1):
      makepkg: only test for writable PKGDEST when needed.

Rémy Oudompheng (7):
      libalpm: consistently use int as return type for option setters
      alpm.h: add/improve function documentation
      alpm.h: rationalize option getters/setters documentation
      alpm.h: add several missing documentation strings
      handle.c: force sigverify level not to be PM_PGP_VERIFY_UNKNOWN
      sync.c: remove unnecessary check for PM_PGP_VERIFY_UNKNOWN
      makepkg: fix typo (missing quotes)

Wieland Hoffmann (2):
      makepkg: Remove a lone quotation mark
      makepkg: Add support for verifying pgp signatures

Xavier Chantry (4):
      Added gpg verification options per repo to the config file.
      configure.ac: we use fabs now so -lm is needed
      dload: dont forget to initialize open_mode
      pacman.c : useless extra parenthesis


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