[pacman-dev] [ Package Signing ] Your signature please

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Feb 19 18:05:10 EST 2011

On 20/02/11 08:42, Daniel Mendler wrote:
> @Allan: I am a bit disappointed with your opinion that you want to
> implement only features that you care about. I think there is also a
> reponsibility if you are one of the main developers of the package
> manager of a popular distribution. And you don't even have to implement
> the features yourself - there are people who are willing to help. But
> those people should also get some support by you.

Those people get full support from me.  You might have seen between 
these emails that I reviewed the three patches for package signing 
posted to this list yesterday within 12 hours of them being posted.

I am serious when I say "patches welcome".  I just turns out those 
people that claim to be willing to help, rare do anything.


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