[pacman-dev] (no subject)

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Feb 25 10:19:08 EST 2011

On 26/02/11 01:06, Dan McGee wrote:
> On Friday, February 25, 2011, Allan McRae<allan at archlinux.org>  wrote:
>> On 26/02/11 00:29, Dave Reisner wrote:
>> The ensuing patches revert Allan's breakage^Wchanges to the public API with
>> regard to the introduction of pmpkghash_t. Since we haven't exposed any public
>> facing API calls which can manipulate a pmpkghash_t<snip>
>> Yet...  There are several places in pacman where the exposing (e.g.) _alpm_pkghash_find() would be very useful so I think this is likely to be exposed in the future.
> You can blame this on me, Allan. I suggested we do this because we
> have caused headaches to people with the unnecessary rename. Exposing
> it later via a _hash suffix might happen, but no need to expose it
> until we know it is needed.

OK.  Ack both patches then.


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