[pacman-dev] Draft pacman-3.5.0 NEWS

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Feb 27 09:18:20 EST 2011

For comment.   I have not written the epoch stuff yet...

3.5.0         - database format changes
                 - sync databases are read directly from the repo database
                   tarball (FS#8586, FS#20233)
                 - local database "depends" files have been merged into the
                   "desc" file
                 - pacman-db-upgrade script provided to update the local
                   database format
                 - sync database extension is .db (without compression 
                   - requires repo-add from pacman-3.4+
               - epoch
                 - TODO!!!

               - disk space checking
                 - check available space before installing packages 
                 - enabled by the "CheckSpace" option in pacman.conf
                 - attempt to stop install if we hit an extraction issue
                   (FS#7692, FS#22034)
               - improved groups/providers selction dialog  (FS#19704, 
               - more fine grained controll of ignorine dependency 
                 - -Sd to ignore dependency versions only
                 - -Sdd to ignore all dependency information
               - clean-up of --help output (FS#19526)
               - CleanMethod for package cache cleaning can use both
                 KeepInstalled and KeepCurrent simultaneously
               - various speed-ups:
                 - improved internal storage of the package cache
                 - faster pkgname/depends searches
               - use openssl crypto functions if available
               - makepkg:
                 - add support for running testsuites in a check() function
                   - controlled by BUILDENV option 'check' in 
makepkg.conf which
                     may be overridden by --check/--nocheck on the 
                 - extract any file bsdtar recognizes
                 - STRIP_DIRS has been removed in favour of stripping all
                   recognized files
                 - improve $srcdir/$pkgdir check to reduce false positives
                 - $pkgname can be used in split package() functions 
                 - added '!buildflags' option to allow unsetting 
               - repo-add:
                 - added -f/--files to create files database (FS#11302)
               - pactree: rewritten in C using libalpm

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