[pacman-dev] sodeps (yes, again)

Florian Pritz bluewind at server-speed.net
Wed Jan 19 12:11:46 EST 2011

So some months ago Xavier posted a link to his patches for pacman
(-Sdd). Back then Allan didn't have enough time to take a look. Later I
asked him directly and he told me to let Dan review them. Dan told me he
would like to hear Allan's opinion first.

I'll try again and please someone just review them. I've cherry-picked
them to one central location [1] and I'll also post them in this thread
for easier quoting.

In case you don't want to include sodeps support in pacman I'll accept
that, but *please* tell me so I don't waste my time trying to get answers.

[1] http://git.server-speed.net/users/flo/pacman/log/?h=sodeps

Florian Pritz -- {flo,bluewind}@server-speed.net

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