[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Remove need to explicitly register the local DB

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Jan 30 11:46:22 EST 2011

Dan McGee wrote:

> The "register" code could just as well be done in the handle setup
> where I moved the call anyway. You'd save about 13 CPU cycles. It's
> design that is meant to remove stupidity in a library where you have
> to make what seems like a no-op call- but make sure you only do it
> once. Why let users shoot themselves in the foot? We already handled
> the teardown in alpm_release so this just makes the initialize side
> map that.

Xavier Chantry wrote:

> It's not separate logic. Dan commit log might have been a bit misleading.
> alpm_initialize initializes (wow) whatever is needed for the other
> functions to work. What we do there is just allocate some structures
> like the handle, and now handle->db_local as well. We are talking
> about one calloc and one strdup here to setup db_local. Really no big
> deal, there is no loading of the db, not even a check that one exists
> at all.
> And it does make it simpler for libalpm users. And as Dan said its
> symetric with alpm_release.

Ah. It makes much more sense now, especially given the symmetry with
alpm_release. Thanks.

> > -Dan
> >
> > -Dan
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> ^^ A sign I need my morning coffee... :)

I just assumed that you had graduated to Double Dan:

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