[pacman-dev] Patch: Clean up API

Kerrick Staley mail at kerrickstaley.com
Wed Jun 1 01:52:04 EDT 2011


This patch fixes API inconsistencies:

A) All references to PGP were removed within names, because such
reference is unnecessary. All references to GnuPG's home directory
were changed to 'gpgdir' (as opposed to e.g. 'signaturedir'), because
this directory is specific to GnuPG.

B) makepkg and repo-add now use -S/--sign for signing packages. I
didn't find an issue with --nosign and --key.

C) Config file directives were not changed because they make enough
sense as-is. Unlike functions and flags, you don't have to memorize
directives, because they are already given in the config file when you
edit it.

D) A bug was fixed: repo-add previously used the user's GPG directory
when verifying the signature on an old database. It now uses pacman's
directory for this purpose. I added a flag --gpgdir to allow
configuration of this directory.

The patch conflicts with Pang Yan Han's patches. Yan Han, could you
please merge the two patch sets?

Can the patch be reviewed quickly and either accepted or rejected with
suggestions for correction? I realize it should be broken into smaller
patches, but I'm inexperienced with git, and I didn't want to wait
until tomorrow to submit the changes.

The patch is signed-off by: Kerrick Staley <mail at kerrickstaley.com>

-Kerrick Staley
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