[pacman-dev] Status of sodeps?

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Jun 4 11:06:14 EDT 2011

The current implementation seems fine and I would say ready to merge.  I 
will probably make some minor changes on the merge, but mostly cosmetic 

However, I have one final query:  Do we need some way to disable this?

Is it possible that a package will have a name in the form "foo.so" that 
would cause an issue here?  Note that is a perfectly valid package name. 
  I find such a package name unlikely but think about if support for 
other library types gets added in the future then we could get potential 
conflicts.  OSX and Windows library names are unlikely, but foo.library 
is a shared library in Amiga OS and a more reasonable pkgname...

So options are:
1) we ignore that possibility until a real world case shows up
2) we provide a way to disable this feature
3) we move to using libprovides=() and libdepends=() arrays

I am happy following #1 for the current time as I think I am probably 
being too wary here, but would like opinions from others on this.

Finally, none of this has been documented in the man pages.  Even some 
draft documentation that can be edited would be very helpful.


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