[pacman-dev] [PATCH 2/2] And update the manpages accordingly

Wieland Hoffmann themineo at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 23 03:36:57 EDT 2011

 doc/PKGBUILD.5.txt |    5 +++++
 doc/makepkg.8.txt  |    3 +++
 2 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/PKGBUILD.5.txt b/doc/PKGBUILD.5.txt
index 24e1a12..e41b5b1 100644
--- a/doc/PKGBUILD.5.txt
+++ b/doc/PKGBUILD.5.txt
@@ -108,6 +108,11 @@ It is also possible to change the name of the downloaded file, which is helpful
 with weird URLs and for handling multiple source files with the same
 name. The syntax is: `source=('filename::url')`.
+*pgpsigs (array)*::
+	An array containing pgp signature files. Behaves like the source array above. Please
+	note that for this to work, you need to manually retrieve the key a source file is
+	signed with from a keyserver.
 *noextract (array)*::
 	An array of filenames corresponding to those from the source array. Files
 	listed here will not be extracted with the rest of the source files. This
diff --git a/doc/makepkg.8.txt b/doc/makepkg.8.txt
index e61f7ab..2934865 100644
--- a/doc/makepkg.8.txt
+++ b/doc/makepkg.8.txt
@@ -173,6 +173,9 @@ Options
 	in linkman:makepkg.conf[5]. If not specified in either location, the
 	default key from the keyring will be used.
+	Verify pgp signatures of the source files, if there are any.
 	(Passed to pacman) Prevent pacman from waiting for user input before
 	proceeding with operations.

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