[pacman-dev] Discussion about deprecating/removing the changelog feature from pacman.

Marc - A. Dahlhaus mad at wol.de
Fri Jun 24 06:29:17 EDT 2011

Am Donnerstag, den 23.06.2011, 15:48 -0500 schrieb Dan McGee:
> > We use changelogs quite extensively, and all should keep in mind that
> >
> > pacman -Qc PACKAGENAME
> >
> > will help any user that doesn't need to know where your PKGBUILD tree is
> > managed / tracked / whatever...
> >
> > I would suggest that makepkg should be extended to have a way to add the
> > output of a command (e.g. "svn log") as changelog to a package...
> >
> > That would make the life easier for any maintainer and would solve the
> > problem even for the lazy arch package maintainers... :-P
> Agree with you here- this seems like it would be a useful addition.
> Just calling out to a CHANGELOG_SCRIPT or something would be pretty
> awesome. Arch Linux would use svn log --limit <date> of some sort,
> other distros using git to track their repos could use git logs, etc.
> If you don't think you're interested in implementing this, I'd at
> least suggest opening a feature request for it.

Have some things to take care of for upstart first and will take a look
at it when i'm done with it. Also have som cleanup work for pacman in my
pipe but havn't had time to write down a mail for the list and for
implementing it. (Mostly about a removal of '.d' suffix on /etc/pacman.d
as its misnamed with respect to all other users of a '.d' suffix in etc
and a rework of rate mirrors that would make a packages like
"mirrors-{africa,asia,europe,{north,south}america}" possible without
much of a hassle for pacman...)


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