[pacman-dev] pyqt packages confusion

kachelaqa kachelaqa at gmail.com
Sat May 7 16:35:24 CEST 2011


i was going to report this as a bug, but i thought i'd ask here first in 
case i've misunderstood something.


why does python2-pyqt now depend on pyqt (for python3)? why should it be 
necessary to drag in python3 and pyqt(3) for a python2 package?


looking at the file lists, it appears that several critical files are 
now missing from python2-pyqt, namely:

     (and possibly a few others)

presumably, the intention is that those files will be provided by the 
pyqt(3) package instead. which makes no sense to me, because they are 
not guaranteed to be compatible.

IMHO these two packages *must* be kept separate - it should be possible 
to install each package completely independently, without any danger of 
either one clobbering the files of the other.

(nb: it might also be worth noting here that the new python2-pyqt 
package also breaks the python2-qscintilla package. bug report: 

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