[pacman-dev] Finishing off the package signing issue -- call for contributors

ari edelkind edelkind+arch-pacman at gmail.com
Fri May 20 18:06:50 EDT 2011

Here are the questions that interest me:

  - What's the current state?
    -> What works now?
    -> What dependencies does the project have?
    -> How can i test the current functionality?

  - What's the general idea -- the program flow -- of the way it's
    currently being implemented?  Pseudo-code would be perfect for
    answering this, but really, anything with system-level details
    will do (the "package signing proposal" is not current and does
    not contain system-level details).

  - What's currently on the plate?  I don't need specifics for
    everything -- some areas can be more general and delved into
    later, but i do need some specifics so that i can, more or less,
    jump right in.
    -> Allan mentions some ALPM interfaces on his page.
      * How well do they work, currently?
      * What's good about them?
      * What's bad about them?
      * Have new ones been written (committed or not) since that page
        was last edited?
      * What are some current ideas for more?
    -> What more needs to be done before developers can start using it
       to sign packages?
    -> What needs to be done before courageous users can start using
       it to verify packages, manually or automatically?  According to
       Allan's TODO page, it looks like it's just about ready now, but
       the general consensus seems to be that this isn't the case.
    -> What are other people currently working on?  I don't want to
       trod on toes or duplicate work.

Is this sufficient information for anyone else to step up and start
writing patches?  Chime in if you need more info.


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