[pacman-dev] Finishing off the package signing issue -- call for contributors

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat May 21 18:41:09 EDT 2011

On 22/05/11 07:33, Kerrick Staley wrote:
> If it
> is necessary to attach an Arch-specific patch to Arch's GPGME package, then
> that can be done.

I'll point out that this can not be done due to Arch's patching policy. 
  Arch does not patch software for features not provided upstream, so 
any patch will be required to go to the gpgme and be accepted before it 
is even considered for the Arch package.

I would also suspect, that patches for pacman that rely on unreleased 
changes to gpgme would not be accepted, so we would then need to wait on 
a new gpgme release...


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