[pacman-dev] [GIT] The official pacman repository annotated tag, v4.0.0rc2, created. v4.0.0rc2

Dan McGee dan at archlinux.org
Thu Sep 22 12:53:44 EDT 2011

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The annotated tag, v4.0.0rc2 has been created
        at  58b4f02d2e0f46c6694f701998e549c6cf17f5ed (tag)
   tagging  43787d00678e00adee54c9ab4b8909d26cba3940 (commit)
  replaces  v4.0.0rc1
 tagged by  Dan McGee
        on  Thu Sep 22 11:51:26 2011 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
4.0.0 RC2- import keys, fully test signing
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Allan McRae (12):
      repo-add: indicate whether package signature is found
      repo-add: fix creation of signature symlink
      configure.ac: add checks for more types, functions and headers
      makepkg: deal with variable substitution when checking sanity
      Print callback messages to stderr
      pacman-key: rework importing distro/repo provided keyrings
      pacman-key: import everything then revoke on --populate
      pacman-key: update trust database for relevant operations
      pacman-key: Improve documentation for --populate
      pacman-key: rework and document holding keys in keyring
      Run pacman test-suite with LC_ALL=C
      Remove outdated comment for _alpm_outerconflicts

Dan McGee (148):
      scripts/pkgdelta: fix `make distcheck`
      pacman/query.c: avoid variable redeclaration
      Update MD5 routines with changes from PolarSSL
      Update base64 PolarSSL code
      Add sha2 (sha256) routines from PolarSSL
      Add ALPM sha256sum routines
      Load and allow access to sha256sum
      Remove checksum access indirection
      decode_signature: guess signature data length for efficiency
      Show 'None' in Signatures -Qip/-Si output if none found
      Validate the sha256sum if available
      Parse conflicts/provides/replaces at database load time
      Add short example signature config to pacman.conf
      Further fixes to replacement iteration
      Only check necessary signatures and checksums
      repo-add: reorganize output messages for clarity
      Update translations from Transifex
      Update message catalogs
      Update authors and contributors
      doc/PKGBUILD: fix Asciidoc formatting issues
      Fix compilation using --without-gpgme
      Fix trailing whitespace in whole codebase
      Enhance and utilize database status flags
      Remove use of no-op accessor functions in library
      Remove usages of alpm_list_next() in backend
      Replacements refactor: extract check_literal()
      Replacements refactor: extract check_replacers()
      Add an _alpm_depcmp_literal() function
      Fix replacement of provider issue
      Convert resolvedep() to use _alpm_depcmp_literal()
      doc/PKGBUILD: update regarding versioned package fields
      Be more robust when copying package data
      Rework finding a writable cache directory
      Remove alpm_option_get_* usage from backend
      pacsort: ensure list is freed if size is 0
      Print debug timestamps to same stream as rest of output
      dload: prevent need to copy struct in mask_signal()
      Retrieve default SigLevel value from backend after initial setting
      Style-match rpmvercmp code with upstream
      vercmp: ensure 2.0a and 2.0.a do not compare equal
      Update existing translations from Transifex
      Add new 'lt' and 'zh_TW' translations from transifex
      Use off_t rather than double where possible
      Finish large file download attack prevention
      Add a few more sizes to humanize_sizes()
      Slight refresh of the download progress callback
      Remove short/long label distinction
      Remove trans is NULL check in QUESTION/EVENT/PROGRESS macros
      Remove argument from check_pgp_helper
      strtrim: don't move empty string
      Fix small memory leak in sig check code
      Always process validity value returned by gpgme
      Fix possible mismatched type with several curl arguments
      Make sync error message smarter on unfound targets
      Check local database status flag in db_write sanity check block
      Refactor signature result return format
      Add more info to debug key display
      Refactor some args out of pkg_load_internal
      Better error handling out of package load method
      pacman-key: refine permission and locking checks
      pacman-key: have --init add more options to default gpg.conf
      Allow access to package origin data
      Database read optimizations
      _alpm_splitdep(): don't pass bogus length value to strndup
      Merge branch 'allan/pacman-key'
      Rework scriptlet tests to not depend on pacman output
      Streamline alpm_splitdep() comparisons
      pacman-key: fix broken logic around updating trust database
      Ensure progress callback updates if XX/YY numerator changes
      Parse > 2GiB file sizes correctly
      Scale package integrity progress bar/percentage by package size
      pacman-key master key generation
      pacman-key: add --lsign-key operation
      makepkg: fix overzealous PGP signature file matching
      Add pactest for overflowing date (year 2038 problem)
      _alpm_parsedate(): return time_t and not long
      pactest: remove PACMAN_OUTPUT from ldconfig tests
      Clean up handling of size fields
      pacman-key: document --lsign-key
      doc: consistency when referencing other options
      pacman-key help and documentation cleanup
      pacman-key: split keyserver to a separate option
      pacman-key: add --refresh-keys operation
      Make delta validation/application more logical
      Be fully silent on any -Sp operation
      Move all callbacks up to the handle level
      Former transaction callback rename refactor
      Add -p/--print tip for -Q operations on filepath
      More package operations cleanup
      dload: use intmax_t when printing off_t
      Ensure PackageRequired works as expected
      Remove unnecessary cast
      query check: use provided filelist count instead of keeping track
      Use more correct integer types in diskspace checks
      Print 'loading packages' message on -U operations
      Move download callback static vars into function
      download callback: show decimal places in rate if we have room
      Don't duplicate header strings
      Fix build without gpgme
      Ensure entire struct is zeroed in _alpm_parsedate()
      Add a random pactest
      Remove dead changelog_feof() code
      Remove const specifier from changelog_read() void parameter
      be_local: cope with a desc file without trailing newline
      Search for non-prefixed paths in skip_remove list
      Be smarter about running ldconfig during removal transactions
      Reduce path allocation on the stack in local database
      Use more efficient way of restoring working directory
      Flip getcwd()/chdir() for open()/fchdir() in the frontend
      Access db->pkgcache directly in db_free_pkgcache()
      _alpm_runscriptlet(): remove clean_tmpdir variable
      Remove all usages of alpm_list_getdata() from the library
      utils/cleanupdelta: remove unneeded syncdbpath
      pacman: use dynamic string allocation where it makes sense
      Extract an _alpm_pkg_validate_internal() method
      Split package validation and load loops
      Allow our PGP helper method to pass back the signature results
      signing: add a process and retry loop for database signatures
      Pass package signature data up one more level
      _alpm_sync_commit: extract two static methods
      Fix int/size_t type in alpm_list_count() call
      Remove noisy debug logger
      Fix possible segfault if siglist was empty
      validate_deltas: split verify/check errors loops
      Move default siglevel value from backend to frontend
      Add alpm_capabilities() method and enumeration
      Check capabilities in SigLevel option parsing
      Pull option names out of messages in config parsing
      config parsing: include file and line number in more errors
      config parsing: add note if libcurl disabled and no XferCommand
      Fix signature printing in package info
      Add new import key question enum value and stub frontend function
      Add _alpm_process_siglist() logic to failed package validation
      signing: document most undocumented functions
      Implement PGP key search and import
      pacman-key: ensure array iterations are quoted
      pacman-key: clean up populate output
      pacman-key: print message in populate if signature is missing
      pacman-key: don't hide --verify details in populate
      pacman-key: simplify import in populate
      Add status and check for key being disabled
      pacman-key: disable, don't remove, revoked keys
      pacman-key: implement promptless lsigning
      pacman-key: remove holdkeys functionality
      pacman-key: factor out validate_with_gpg() method
      pacman-key: add an additional plain text 'foo-trusted' file
      Translation file updates from Transifex
      Regenerate message catalogs and translations

Dave Reisner (67):
      lib/dload: avoid deleting .part file on too-slow xfer
      pactest/sync200: check for curl instead of fetch
      add pactest for replacing a shared provider
      alpm.h: fix inconsistency in function prototype
      makepkg: don't hardcode path to strip
      README: update with 3.5.0 -> 4.0.0 API changes
      pacman/package: show presence of signature in in -Si
      lib/sync: reset flag after rejecting a replace
      dist: preserve symlinks on installation
      build-sys: always use $(RM) instead of rm -f
      lib/sync: ignore download errors for as long as possible
      dload: zero out pm_errno in curl_download_internal
      lib/dload: avoid renaming download to 0 length destfile
      lib/dload: refactor deletion on failure
      sync: fix garbled output in conflict prompt
      lib/dload: prevent possible NULL dereference
      makepkg: quote re-evaluation of simple vars
      dload: add 'unlink_on_fail' to payload struct
      lib/dload: unlink on response code >=400
      bash_completion: add dbonly to sync options
      dload: remove code duplication
      dload: rename payload->filename to payload->remote_name
      dload: delete zero length downloads on curl error
      dload: remove unused macro
      pacman/util: use string_length to calculate line length
      dload: move tempfile and destfile to payload struct
      dload: rename cd_filename to content_disp_name
      dload: add open_mode to payload struct
      dload: move curl option setting to static function
      dload: move (un)masking of signals to separate functions
      dload: extract tempfile creation to its own function
      sync: halt file discovery if repo has no servers
      pacsort: use boolean, not binary OR operation
      makepkg: fix breakage in eval'ing quoted strings
      makepkg: read filenames in a while loop
      makepkg: fix sanity checking in versioning
      pacman/callback: reuse strlen calculation
      avoid blowing out the filecache list when using tmpdir
      sync: add missing newline in warning message
      dload: improve debug output
      dload: abstract dload_interrupted reasons
      rankmirrors: properly sort resulting times
      makepkg: unset variables as per !{make,build}flags
      makepkg: use globs in place of regex
      makepkg: refactor check_pgpsigs output
      makepkg: act on function return value, not output
      makepkg: avoid for loop in deleting manpage hardlinks
      makepkg: use more awk'ish syntax in sanity checks
      diskspace: fix memory leak on root mount not found
      paccache: escape . in trimming of diskspace string
      makepkg: unset errexit when sourcing /etc/profile
      dload: provide optional netrc support
      make compute_download_size consider .part files
      account for partial delta files in download size
      makepkg: check for var existance before file existance
      makepkg: add missing newline on passing gpg sourcecheck
      makepkg: fix recreation of hardlinks to .gz manpages
      buildsys: remove existing symlinks before installing
      include ldconfig.stub in EXTRA_DIST
      pacman: add short opt '-p' for --print to -{S,R}h
      paccache: remove unnecessary if check
      dload: remove user:pass@ definition from hostname
      configure: Fix quoting in SEDINPLACE on Darwin
      pactree: include missing ctype.h header
      dload: avoid using memrchr
      src/util: provide strndup definitions where needed
      pacman/upgrade: print 'loading packages...' only once

Diogo Sousa (3):
      Improved alpm_list_mmerge() performance (fixed coding style)
      lib/libalpm/signing.c: Fix memory leak in decode_signature() in case of error.
      Removed multiple definitions of pkgfrom_t

Helder Martins (1):
      lib/libalpm/handle.c: Removed redundant if condition

Jakob Gruber (1):
      Fix formatting in pacman-key manpage

Lukas Fleischer (7):
      Skip rename() on NULL destfile in curl_download_internal()
      Avoid stat() on NULL path in curl_download_internal()
      lib/libalpm/dload.c: Add ASSERT() to alpm_fetch_pkgurl()
      lib/libalpm/dload.c: Use STRDUP() instead of strdup()
      pacman.c: Remove redundant strdup() in parsearg_global()
      be_sync.c: Fix memory leak in alpm_db_update()
      lib/libalpm/util.c: Fix two memory leaks

Pang Yan Han (4):
      pactest: -U --recursive
      pacsort: correct pointer type in list_new
      pacsort: correct list freeing
      Improve advice for sync ops when db.lck is present

Rémy Oudompheng (1):
      libalpm: fix a remaining old syntax of RET_ERR() macro

Sebastien Luttringer (2):
      Update PKGBUILD manpage about startdir deprecation
      Add makepkg -S which is an alias to makepkg --source


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