[pacman-dev] [PATCH] PKGBUILD.vim: improve 'options' highlighting, add extra keywords

jstjohn at purdue.edu jstjohn at purdue.edu
Mon Aug 6 14:29:48 EDT 2012

From: "Jason St. John" <jstjohn at purdue.edu>

This fixes the current syntax highlighting behavior in the 'options'
array, which does *not* flag illegal options (e.g. typos, unsupported
options). The shDoubleQuote and shSingleQuote options were the culprits.
Now, if you enter `'!imptydurs'`, the typoed option will be flagged red.

I also added syntax highlighting for the new options listed in `man 5
makepkg.conf`, which I believe were introduced around pacman 4.0.0.

Signed-off-by: Jason St. John <jstjohn at purdue.edu>
 contrib/PKGBUILD.vim | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/contrib/PKGBUILD.vim b/contrib/PKGBUILD.vim
index 65fe489..9157063 100644
--- a/contrib/PKGBUILD.vim
+++ b/contrib/PKGBUILD.vim
@@ -211,10 +211,10 @@ hi def link pbValidSha512sums  Number
 " options
 syn keyword pb_k_options options contained
-syn match pbOptions /\(no\)\?\(strip\|docs\|libtool\|emptydirs\|zipman\|ccache\|distcc\|makeflags\|buildflags\)/ contained
+syn match pbOptions /\(no\)\?\(strip\|docs\|libtool\|emptydirs\|zipman\|purge\|upx\|fakeroot\|distcc\|color\|ccache\|check\|sign\|makeflags\|buildflags\)/ contained
 syn match   pbOptionsNeg     /\!/ contained
 syn match   pbOptionsDeprec  /no/ contained
-syn region pbOptionsGroup start=/^options=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_options,pbOptions,pbOptionsNeg,pbOptionsDeprec,pbIllegalOption,shDoubleQuote,shSingleQuote
+syn region pbOptionsGroup start=/^options=(/ end=/)/ contains=pb_k_options,pbOptions,pbOptionsNeg,pbOptionsDeprec,pbIllegalOption
 syn match pbIllegalOption /[^!"'()= ]/ contained contains=pbOptionsDeprec,pbOptions
 " noextract

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