[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Remove a pm_errno = 0 line

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 23:19:02 EST 2012

On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 11:06 PM, Nagy Gabor <ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu> wrote:
>> In the download code a successful package-download could reset the previously
>> set pm_errno to 0, which is unwanted.
>> Signed-off-by: Nagy Gabor <ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu>
> This patch needs testing. Btw, I can see more pm_errno = 0 line in the
> code, which is not a good practice...
We don't just do this for fun, it is necessary practice in several
cases. Please consider the following patch which you are reverting...

commit b008193c1255639f724e3f6c62e50e6f2619e3c2
Author: Dave Reisner <dreisner at archlinux.org>
Date:   Tue Aug 16 20:10:22 2011 -0400

    dload: zero out pm_errno in curl_download_internal

    This reverts some hacky behavior from 5fc3ec and resets the handle's
    pm_errno where it should be reset -- prior to each download. This
    prevents a transaction with a download from being aborted when a package
    is successfully grabbed from a secondary server.

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