[pacman-dev] Move package to cache when installed with -U

jjacky i.am.jack.mail at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 08:39:20 EST 2012


So I would be interested in such a feature, and I found it being
rejected as FS#15143, but I have some questions.

It seems the main reason it was rejected was this:

My second argument against this is that users sometimes do local rebuild
of official packages, and maybe don't want to mix these packages with
official ones in the cache (which could cause integrity check failures
next time they upgrade their system).

And I don't understand. Why/how would there be an integrity check
failure on upgrade ?

I thought integrity check meant that the package(s) about to be
installed was being checked. So, during an upgrade, there would be no
reason to check this already installed package, no?

And if there was an update available, it's the integrity of the newly
downloaded package that would be checked, and it would have no reason to

What am I not understanding/misunderstanding here?

Because I do like this idea and, unless there is an inherent problem
with it of course, I might be interested into looking to make a patch to
add such an option.


Ref: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/15143

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