[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Fixed FS#29213 and added Vim syntax highlighting for sha256sums, sha384sums, and sha512sums arrays

Jason St. John jstjohn at purdue.edu
Mon Jun 18 13:07:10 EDT 2012


This is a patch submission for the latest pacman code in the Git
repository. My patch fixes FS#29213 and adds proper Vim syntax
highlighting for the sha256sums, sha384sums, and sha512sums arrays in
PKGBUILDs. I asked falconindy in #archlinux-pacman about how to submit
my patch, and because I use web mail exclusively (so I can't use `git
send-email`), we decided it would be best for me to publish the change
on GitHub and link it here. He warned me that pasting the diff in the
body of the message would result in it becoming mangled on the mailing



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