[pacman-dev] Broken readline after pacman -Su

Philippe LUC philfifi at gmail.com
Wed May 2 17:57:28 EDT 2012


I did an upgrade today, which completed correctly (according to the
log), but the readline library seems wrongly installed. I am posting
here as it might be a pacman issue, that might worth reporting. If you
prefer me to open a proper bug report in flyspray, let me know. If the
root cause has nothing to do with pacman, sorry ;-)

 sudo pacman -Su k3b
(because I also wanted to install k3b at the same time)
(I did a pacman -Sy a few minutes ago)

Status after the upgrade :
 - distrib broken, bash and sh complain that :
  sh: symbol lookup error: sh: undefined symbol: rl_filename_rewrite_hook
This message appeared during the upgrade process
- in /lib, I only have:
 /lib/libreadline.so.6 which is linked to
(libreadline.so.5 doesn't contain rl_filename_rewrite_hook, which
explains the bash error)

Before the upgrade, by looking at the content indexed by mlocate, it
looks like I had in the filesystem before the upgrade :

My previous upgrade was made in February the 13th, and upgraded
amongst other these packages:
 readline (6.2.001-3 -> 6.2.002-1)
 pacman (3.5.4-4 -> 4.0.1-4)

This today upgrade have upgraded :
  readline (6.2.002-1 -> 6.2.002-2)
  pacman (4.0.1-4 -> 4.0.3-1)

My install is a i686, and the package
readline-6.2.002-1-i686.pkg.tar.xz I downloaded does contain
libreadline.so, libreadline.so.6, libreadline.so.6.2

I can provide more logs and details if that can be helpful to find the
root cause of the issue. Let me know if I am not writing to the
correct place anyway.

Thanks for your support, best regards,


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