[pacman-dev] [PATCH 2/5] Add unit tests for -Qk and -Qkk with missing files.

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Dec 22 00:36:57 EST 2013

On 22/12/13 15:29, Jeremy Heiner wrote:
> Hey, Andrew, sorry for the delay. I can only scrounge up a certain
> number of cycles for pacman stuff, and those were consumed by my
> recent Doxygen experiments. In this brief time, after I popped that
> off my stack, and before I must respond to the inevitable feedback, I
> turned back to what I promised to meditate on, and I think I have a
> good question: Isn't it the job of the test framework to expose the
> candidate binary to different SCRIPTLET_SHELLs and verify that it
> behaves correctly under each? If that is the case then the
> --scriptlet-shell arg is just wrong.

No.  Pacman can only have one scriptlet shell configured/built into it.

The --scriptlet-shell argument is there to pass the correct shell path
to the test suite.  Given our testsuite is built around shell scripts,
we just copy /bin/sh to whatever path the build pacman expects is shell
to be at.


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