[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Have configure set pactest options that it knows.

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Dec 27 21:59:31 EST 2013

On 28/12/13 12:15, Jeremy Heiner wrote:
> Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org> wrote:
>> So I need to reconfigure in a different directory to run with different
>> pacman?   No thanks.
> No, not reconfigure. Just configure. One time, to create the builddir.
>>From then on, until you 'rm -r' it, that buildir remembers the
> --with-scriptlet-shell (and other configured args) you set it up with.
> It is connected to your srcdir (== git workdir) so it sees whatever
> branch / proposed patch you load there, making it very easy to
> recompile with the alternate scriptlet-shell, run new tests against
> your system pacman, or any other thing you need to do under those
> configured args.
> If you are using in-srcdir builds then you are doing reconfigures that
> are wasting a lot of your time. Maybe it doesn't happen every day, but
> when someone submits a patch to you that pertains to a configuration
> other than your current in-srcdir build what do you do? Take the
> Doxygen patches I posted recently, for example. Don't you need to try
> those out with at least both --enable- and --disable-doxygen? Please
> don't tell me you tried it out in-srcdir with your standard configure
> args, then, after that was done, reconfigured and retested, and then
> reconfigured back to restore your working dir config!

Yes...  lets pretend I have looked at those patches...  :)

> With multiple
> VPATH builddirs you could avoid all that reconfiguring and even run
> the makes in parallel.
> I am completely flummoxed. Your time is infinitely more valuable than
> any disk space spent on VPATH builddirs. You're very smart, so it will
> take you little time to adjust your workflow to use these tools. And
> the payoff will be much less of your time wasted.

Or I could stick to using the aliases I have for years "pactest-local"
and "pactest-system".  Your patch allows me to get rid of pactest-local,
which is nice.

What I do not like is that your patch is taking away options.  It would
have been less work to leave in support for those flags than to remove
them.  VPATH builddir support is gained, so we have two methods.

Given we are championing the autotools way, good autoconf macros
automatically set a value but provide a flag to override it.


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