[pacman-dev] Do we need the force option?

halosghost at archlinux.info halosghost at archlinux.info
Sat Feb 9 06:30:07 EST 2013

On 2013-02-09 11:57, Allan McRae wrote:
> On 09/02/13 20:52, Jakob Gruber wrote:
>> I'm not too happy about this to be honest. I've often had cases in
>> which disk failures / crashes during updates / other causes left me
>> with packages that did not own any of their files. Removing those
>> one-by-one would be extremely tedious.
> pacman -S --dbonly pkg && pacman -S pkg
> The final one might not be needed, but better safe...

I'd also lend my voice to remove the option. Following the BBS and the 
IRC, it seems this almost always causes more harm than good. And even 
though almost every case of its causing a problem is user error, if 
there's not really much benefit from keeping the option, then it seems 
sensible to remove it.

All the best,


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