[pacman-dev] Option to install opt-depends

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Feb 18 23:14:50 EST 2013

On 19/02/13 09:46, Richard Pougnet wrote:
> Hello,
> I was browsing through flyspray and saw a feature request from 2008,
> FS#11337.
> It is for the addition of an option to install optional dependencies or to
> be prompted during the installation. This seems like fun to implement, so I
> am considering doing it. So, I am wondering if anyone has started doing
> this or has comments on it?

There has been substantial work done in this area [1].  It needed
revised based on comments but the author moved to another Linux distro.
 I merged the sections that provided additional informational output,
but nothing further at this stage.


I have not looked at the remaining patches.  But I'd suggest if you are
going to follow them up to make sure there is some consensus about
configuration option names.  I'm not sure I like the options in the
linked patchset.  Maybe:

OptDepends = Notify (default) | Ask | Install

Also, this really requires finishing off the handling of optdepends more
like dependencies when they are installed first...


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