[pacman-dev] Thanks to the pacman devs from a new arch fanboi :)

walt w41ter at gmail.com
Sun Jun 16 18:50:57 EDT 2013

Hi devs.  I just installed arch with a gnome desktop, so I used pacman
about 200 times today and it was a real pleasure.

I've used a lot of package managers from both linux and bsd, but pacman
is the best IMHO.  It's completely intuitive and easy to learn just by
using it (trial-and-error of course because nobody reads the man pages)
so congrats on a great project.

BTW, I decided to try arch after listening to this podcast:


A lot of this episode is not about archlinux, so you'll need to ff to
the actual arch segment. (Hey, it convinced me... :)

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