[pacman-dev] [GIT] The official pacman repository annotated tag, v4.1.0rc1, created. v4.1.0rc1

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Mar 9 18:32:21 EST 2013

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
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the project "The official pacman repository".

The annotated tag, v4.1.0rc1 has been created
        at  3bdf6e3ab4b74fd33e3ad431a73c86beca619da4 (tag)
   tagging  312e9252f4f74e26ad899950fbcb527d31760519 (commit)
  replaces  v4.0.3
 tagged by  Allan McRae
        on  Sun Mar 10 09:31:12 2013 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
4.1.0rc1 - long time between releases...
Version: GnuPG v2.0.19 (GNU/Linux)


Allan McRae (190):
      repo-add: Remove .tmp. prefix from output
      pacman: list all unknown targets on removal operation
      makepkg: Use SKIP in checksum to skip integrity check
      makepkg: calculate exact total file size
      be_package.c: fix compiler warning
      Allow specifying shell for running scriptlets
      Move ROOTDIR definition into config.h
      Reset errno before opening archive
      testpkg: set gpgdir
      Do not check for ALPM_ERR_PKG_INVALID_ARCH on remove operation
      Add gpgme m4 autoconf macro file
      makepkg: rework libprovides
      Update copyright years
      Use "mode" in _alpm_makepath_mode
      Point python shebangs at python2
      Add information on how an installed package was validated
      Remove _alpm_csum
      Simplify package validation info output for sync packages
      makepkg: append pkgbase to BUILDDIR if specified
      makepkg: prevent issues with files starting with a hyphen
      makepkg: abort when failing to create BUILDDIR
      makepkg: the rhs in string comparisons should be quoted
      makepkg: use printf rather than echo to output variable
      makepkg: safely change directories
      Make selecting scriptlet shell work
      Check minimum required gpgme version
      Prefix alpm_pkgfrom_t members with ALPM_
      makepkg: save and restore shopts when sourcing /etc/profile
      Add more warning flags
      makepkg: deal with overriden package arch properly
      makepkg: treat list of packages to be installed as an array
      makepkg: Be more consistent with missing program message
      Output "Packages" instead of "Targets"
      makepkg: fix package arch detection
      makepkg: Add CPPFLAGS support
      makepkg: write makedepends into .PKGINFO
      repo-add: add makedepends information
      makepkg: rework libdepends
      Create repo-remove symlink in scripts dir
      makepkg: allow url to be overridden in split packages
      makepkg: install deps with --repackage
      repo-add: add checkdepends information
      contrib: fix typo in PKGBUILD.vim
      Scripts testsuite output consistency
      Allow leading "local/" in query operations
      Add conflict for replacing owned empty directory
      Check empty subdirectory ownership
      contrib/bacman: fix package architecture in filename
      Do not enable _FORTIFY_SOURCE without optimization
      makepkg: remove unnecessary formatting
      contrib/updpkgsums: Fix error message
      Add pactest for empty subdirectory conflict
      pactest: conflict between directory and a file
      pactest: conflict between files having same effective path
      pactest: Do not remove symlink to directory if local package uses that path
      pactest: Do not remove symlink to directory if a to be installed package uses it
      Split _alpm_filelist_operation function
      makepkg: remove VCS package support
      makepkg: reorder source handling functions
      makepkg: add function to return download protocol
      makepkg: generalize download_sources
      makepkg: skip integrity checking early
      makepkg: allow using GIT source URLs
      makepkg: fix checksum generation with VCS sources
      makepkg: modify get_filename to handle VCS sources
      makepkg: modify get_filepath to handle VCS sources
      makepkg: provide mechanism for auto-updating pkgver
      makepkg: add support for SVN urls
      makepkg: rename myver
      makepkg: do not download VCS sources unless needed
      makepkg: add --holdver to control VCS source updating
      makepkg: only update pkgver when all sources are available
      makepkg: check pkgver validity after updating
      doc: Document using VCS sources in a PKGBUILD
      doc: document automatically updating the pkgver variable
      doc: Document using svn source url
      doc: Add --holdver information for makepkg
      makepkg: add hg url support
      makepkg: delay checking for build package with pkgver()
      Print repo being search for replaces in debug output
      Move important information up in -Si output
      pactest: allow running with valgrind from any directory
      Document system and user specific makepkg.conf
      Remove incorrect documentation for unlink_file
      Fix documentation typo
      pacman.8: remove redundant section
      makepkg: fix warnings with --noextract
      Fix typo in documentation
      Avoid interger overflow when calculating remaining line length
      makepkg: do not create hg working directory on checkout
      makepkg: check if hg and svn directories are non-empty before updating
      makepkg: do not embed timestamps in compressed manpages
      makepkg: always check makepkg.conf for match to download protocol
      makepkg: allow fragment to contain a "#" character
      makepkg: fix order of --help output
      makepkg: fix incorrect bracket usage
      m4/po.m4: Remove use of deprecated macro
      repo-add: quote filename for consistent output style
      doc: PKGBUILD.5 - fix output of bzr command
      makepkg: use last match in BUILDENV/OPTIONS array
      makepkg: print "SKIP" for signature checksums
      makepkg: deprecate PKGBUILDs without a package() function
      makepkg: save path to PACMAN and test availability
      makepkg: always run tidy_install on repackaging
      makepkg: add option to include debugging compiler flags
      makepkg: move debug symbol stripping to separate function
      makepkg: always use pkg/$pkgname as $pkgdir
      makepkg: strip debugging symbols into separate folder
      makepkg: output the name of the package being created
      makepkg: create package from stripped debug symbols
      makepkg: allow debug package suffix to be configurable
      makepkg: assign debugging symbol directory to a variable
      makepkg: install debug symbol packages if requested
      pactest: Provide a full filelist to the pactests that need it
      Detect inter-package conflicts between files and directories
      Add resolved_path to alpm_filelist_t
      Resolve file paths during inter-package conflict check
      Avoid upgrade conflict with unchanged effective path
      pactest: removal of packages with unmet dependencies
      pactest: variant of package removal due to unmet dependencies
      It turns out we do care about directories...
      Notify of removed package required as optdepend
      Display optdep install status in package query output
      Add "Optional for" to package information output
      Make alpm_pkg_find public
      Display install status of optdependencies
      Fix future signature timestamp warning
      Do not warn about missing database if being downloaded
      makepkg: add mtree file into package
      Extract .MTREE file into local package database
      Add internal functions for reading mtree file from local db
      Add public functions for accessing mtree data
      Move check function into its own file
      Separate checking a files existence into a function
      Basic running of pacman -Qkk to check mtree files
      Perform full checking of files with -Qkk
      Check "install" and "changelog" files for changes
      Check file types match before comparing properties
      Remove leading "./" from filenames in mtree file
      Update copyright year for 2013
      Remove Cygwin support
      Remove checks for geteuid
      makepkg: use --apparent-size when du supports it
      doc: Fix section link in pacman-key man page
      Update Doxyfile
      Split common utility functions for libalpm and pacman
      Fix spacing in HACKING spacing example
      pacman-key: handle local signing of multiple keys
      Use execvp for running programs in chroot
      Do not use full path for ldconfig
      Do not require full path for scriptlet shell
      pmtest: resolve path to scriptlet shell
      Fix release dates
      Revert execvp and related commits
      pactest: handle non-default scriptlet shells
      Remove leading / for pactest paths
      Make path to ldconfig configurable
      Update "missing" file
      Add configuration option for Upgrade operation SigLevel
      Document LocalFileSigLevel and RemoteFileSigLevel
      makepkg: make $pkgdir non-accessible during build()
      doc: update PKGBUILD man page
      Better error message with "-" is specified without stdin
      Remove outdated instructions in pactest README
      Additions to .mailmap
      Make key_in_keychain available in library
      Move key importing into separate function
      Add function to extract key id from signatures
      Make decode_signature available to the library
      Check keys are in keyring before package validation
      Remove retry path from signature validation
      Prompt to delete packages with signature fails
      Import key if needed when installing package from file
      README: update with 4.0 -> 4.1 API changes
      Update NEWS for pacman-4.1
      Skip reading sync db deltas files if UseDelta is unset
      Quieten the build process some more
      pacman: print version information in debug output
      makepkg: add lrzip compression support
      Fix compilation error on clang
      Fix --enable-warningflags
      Add format attributes to all required functions
      Fix gpgme detection
      Fix --without-gpgme build
      Fix registering database with non-gpgme builds
      Perform limited conflict checking with --force
      Do not resolve every local package filelist on remove
      bash_completion: update for color
      Bump to version 4.1.0rc1

Andrew Gregory (45):
      libalpm/remove.c - add doxygen
      pactree: consolidate both walk_deps functions
      pactree: show tree vertical "limbs"
      query_fileowner: break/continue pkgfile loop
      query_fileowner: remove resolve_path function
      query_fileowner: resolve root early
      query_fileowner: remove trailing '/' from targets
      query_fileowner: remove assumption that root is "/"
      query_fileowner, mdirname: add error checks
      pactree: fix --sync getopt value
      pactree: style last branch node differently
      pactree: unindent first limb
      Add _alpm_filelist_resolve
      _alpm_filelist_resolve: use original filenames where possible
      _alpm_filelist_resolve: add useful return code
      Fix overzealous package removal with unmet dependencies
      Plug various minor memory leaks
      query.c: simplify is_foreign
      query_fileowner: don't append '/' if path is "/"
      Allow querying directory ownership
      add doxygen comments to conflict.c
      add caller prefix to alpm_logaction
      paclog-pkglist: parse entries with caller info
      unset executable bit on updpkgsums.sh.in
      add missing utilities to contrib/README
      make test/scripts/human_to_size.sh executable
      document that stdin must not be a tty to read from it
      use strtok_r to parse multi-value config options
      README: update alpm options
      find_fileconflicts: reduce path resolution calls
      add alpm_logaction to API updates
      fix alpm_validation_t comment
      fix style violations
      fix off-by-one error in _alpm_filelist_resolve
      pmtest: install filesystem entries before packages
      use alpm_list_free on filelist intersection
      add fileconflict tests for cases with symlinks
      return resolved paths from filelist_intersection
      return resolved paths from filelist_difference
      use resolved_path for filelist_contains
      add SYMEXPORT to alpm_filelist_contains
      fix typos in pacman tests
      pmpkg: add missing directories to test packages
      testdb: pass empty local pkglist to alpm_checkdeps
      testdb: quote output substitutions

Barbu Paul - Gheorghe (4):
      Fix wrong parameter name in alpm_db_update's signature
      fixed typo
      added coding standard
      removed the condition in alpm_db_set_servers since FREELIST is NULL safe

Benedikt Morbach (3):
      Hook new optdepend structures up
      Add pactests for displaying optdep installation status
      Add pactest for "Optional for" output

Chirantan Ekbote (4):
      makepkg: Integrate check_install into tidy_install
      Print a warning if fakechroot is not found
      Remove conditional checks for fakechroot from test files
      Document fakeroot and fakechroot as dependencies

Christian Hesse (2):
      makepkg: allow specifying compression options
      makepkg: fix signing built package

Dan McGee (143):
      _alpm_parsedate: use strtoll() to parse numeric value
      Introduce alpm_time_t type
      Extract a try_rename helper from extract_single_file()
      Move infrequently used path variables off the stack
      Convert MALLOC to actually call malloc()
      _alpm_archive_fgets: optimize EOL search
      diskspace: extract check_mountpoint() function
      Remove alpm_list_getdata wrapper function
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix some strict 32-bit gcc warnings
      Remove mcheck.h support
      Use puts() instead of no-op printf() where applicable
      Remove -f short option for --force
      Use fputs and putchar in callback progress display
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Make _alpm_filelist_contains() NULL-safe
      Large performance improvement for check for owned directories
      base64: don't compile base64_encode() function
      sync: extract build_payload() method from find_dl_candidates
      Hide empty columns in table package list display
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      libalpm/util: two stat() related cleanups
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Add OPEN() and CLOSE() util macros
      libalpm/util: use low-level I/O for copyfile and checksum routines
      Convert package and database archive reads to use file descriptors
      Fix size reported in CALLOC allocation failure message
      libalpm/util: don't use sprintf to convert from bin to hex
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove unnecessary casts in callback code
      Add helper method for creating and opening archive object
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Update alpm_errno_t type to non-enum version
      repo-add: ensure path to LOCKFILE is always absolute
      repo-add: ensure database and signature files are always viewed in whole
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Add helper function for duplicating depends lists
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Add 'silent-rules' to automake setup in configure.ac
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Slight local database files reading optimization
      Move items around in the alpm handle struct
      Make automake generate silent rules by default
      Use automake verbose helpers in custom make rules
      pacman: process all targets on upgrade operation
      pacman: process all sync targets before exiting on error
      Calculate root length only once when checking for file conflicts
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Don't check diskspace when using --dbonly
      Add note to HACKING about operator spacing
      Rework package removal code
      be_package: be more explicit parsing key/value pairs
      Remove strtrim function from backend
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Convert strtrim/strlen paired calls to only strtrim
      Simplify hash function to a single multiplication
      Fix delta parsing
      Only compile delta regex once
      Convert get_update_timediff to integer return value
      contrib: add install rules for bash and zsh completion
      alpm_list_msort: inline alpm_list_nth() call
      Remove unnecessary counters in file removal code
      Minor optimization on likely sync package lookup
      pkghash improvements/modifications
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Use 32-bit wide integer type in PolarSSL code
      Clean up <inttypes.h> header inclusions
      Update sync database size estimation values
      testdb: check local database for duplicate files
      Fix segfaults on opening invalid archive files
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Reorder some operations in sig check for efficiency
      Allow UseDelta option to specify a delta ratio
      Merge branch 'maint'
      libalpm/deps.c: access trans flags directly
      Remove rmrf implementation from backend
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Remove last explicit include of config.h
      alpm.h: enum cleanups, comment formatting cleanup
      ALPM API adjustments for sanity and consistency
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      pacman-optimize: standardize on openssl usage, only touch local/
      Allow alpm_depend_t to have a description
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Minor format-string related cleanups
      Remove unnecessary path check from local database
      Extract a write_deps function from local database writing
      Prefer fputs/fputc over fprintf when writing local database
      Handle printing NULL correctly in table display
      Always display download size if it applies
      pactest: make OPTDEPEND rule look at non-description only
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Pass a file descriptor to getcols and flush_term_input
      Reduce calls to getcols
      Change table_display() to be static
      Drop bash 3.2 completion support
      bash_completion: complete pacman-key options right away
      Revert "makepkg: calculate exact total file size"
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Return more useful error codes on package open failures
      Various tweaks to support building with excessive GCC warning flags
      Add a new configure option for excessive compiler warning flags
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'dave/buildsys'
      Fix a signed overflow error on i686 with GCC 4.7.0
      Fix issues with unintialized variable value usage
      Remove SyncFirst option
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'parse-opts'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Split check steps in Makefile into multiple targets
      util/testdb: don't return crazy error values
      be_local: write all single-valued attributes first
      Pointer coding style cleanups
      Move short-lived realpath buffers to the stack
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'dave/buildsys'
      be_local: use the right length value for filename in all cases
      Convert ALLOC_FAIL macro into a function
      Ensure pre_upgrade scriptlet gets old package version
      doc: remove --recursive documentation for non-remove operations
      pacman-key: clarify messages, s/keychain/keyring/
      docs: remove 'in the wild' section
      Update pacman-scripts message catalog
      Fix gettext usage in pkgdelta help instructions
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Add more debug logging to dir_belongsto_pkg() function
      Skip deltas and partial downloads in package cleanup
      Clean up exclusion list in sync cache cleanup
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Move filelist functions into separate source file
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'allan/working-split/vcs'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Fix typo in acinclude.m4 fs_old_*flags
      Fix thinko in configure.ac CFLAGS empty checking
      util/pactree: correctly free the deps list in walk_deps()
      Use a defined constant in delta.c for num_matches
      Restore libarchive 2.8.x compatibility

Daniel Wallace (12):
      add zsh completion to pacman-key
      zsh completion for makepkg
      zsh-completion: Allow use of names in pacman-key
      asdeps flag passed from makepkg to pacman
      zsh completion: add deptest and database
      zsh completion: fix stacked completion
      zsh completion: use consistent case statement style
      zsh completion: make sure all indentions are tabs
      zsh completion: add --color to completion
      zsh completion: fix doubling up of specific variables
      zsh completion: include flags that can be doubled
      zsh completion: add support for all longopts commands

Danny George (2):
      Fixed missing asciidoc id
      Add a -n option to repo-add to only add new packages

Dave Reisner (130):
      diskspace: add _alpm_check_downloadspace()
      diskspace: create static function mount_point_list_free
      dload: add pointer to server list for each payload
      sync: dont group sync records by repository
      sync: check for necessary disk space for download
      sync: move file download loop out of download_files
      pacman: show repo name in download prompt
      invert iteration order for ignoregroup
      add support for back end fnmatch'd options
      add fnmatch support for HoldPkg
      makepkg: split source elements when looking for sigs
      code syntax cleanup
      lib/conflict: save strlen call by reusing snprintf return
      delta: use regex substring matching
      sync: avoid checking file conflicts with --dbonly
      include config.h via Makefiles
      pacman/util: return size_t from strtrim
      pactree: update with new strtrim function
      pactree: cleanup register_syncs
      makepkg: abstract license check into separate function
      makepkg: check for license when creating srcpackage
      pacman-key: simplify trusted keyring iteration
      pacman-key: call gpg fewer times for revocation keys
      util: reduce pointer hell in _alpm_makepath_mode
      makepkg: enforce decimal format for pkgrel
      makepkg: avoid use of eval in run_pacman
      makepkg: use array instead of string
      makepkg.conf: enable curl's cookie engine for http
      makepkg: add missing newline from libprovides output
      makepkg: use proper array addition in libdeps
      makepkg: treat lib{provides,depends} returns as proper arrays
      pacman-key: verify TRUST_ULTIMATE keys as good
      buildsys: add pkg-config m4 macros
      buildsys: use pkg-config for openssl detection
      buildsys: use pkg-config for libarchive detection
      buildsys: use pkg-config for libcurl detection
      buildsys: cleanup gpgme compile time check
      buildsys: use AC_DEFINE for CYGWIN macro
      buildsys: define warning CFLAGS in separate var
      buildsys: cleanup libtool and autoconf initialization
      buildsys: move acinclude.m4 to m4/
      buildsys: move autotools bloat to build-aux
      autoclean.sh: abide by POSIX shebang
      pacman-key: avoid use of tempfile in verify_sig
      makepkg: restrict usage of errexit to user functions
      makepkg: catch errors sourcing files
      makepkg: complain when the buildfile isn't writeable
      contrib: remove wget-xdelta from gitignore
      contrib: remove pactree make rule
      makepkg: restrict allowed characters in pkgname
      configure: avoid linking against libssl
      scripts/library: introduce parseopts
      makepkg: adopt parseopts for option parsing
      makepkg: allow specifying --pkg multiple times
      pacman-key: adopt parseopts for option parsing
      scripts: avoid dumping usage on parser fail
      bash_completion: update for changes to pacman-key
      scripts/library: remove parse_options
      pacman-key: allow verification of multiple sig files
      makepkg.8: remove bold from --pkg's optarg
      pacman-key: lookup keys before receiving
      contrib: use a separate build rule for bash scripts
      contrib: rename bash scripts: .in -> .sh.in
      validate bash scripts with 'bash -n' during build.
      configure: require bash >= 4.1 at compile time
      paccache: adopt parseopts for options parsing
      rankmirrors: move to contrib/
      libalpm: add pkg-config file
      pacman/package.c: show checksums with -Sii
      makepkg: null terminate filenames to strip
      makepkg: remove subshelling from check_option and friends
      contrib: remove executable bit from input files
      contrib/pacsysclean: avoid setting bogus PACMAN_OPTS
      pacman-key: test for content in keyring files
      pkgdelta: adopt parseopts for option parsing
      pacman: support group selection delimited by commas
      makepkg: use mapfile where plausible
      pacman-key: use mapfile over read
      contrib/pacsysclean: use a standard vim modeline
      fix -Wshadow warnings as reported by gcc 4.4.3
      updpkgsums: add new contrib script
      paccache: allow running as root
      diskspace: canonicalize path to download dir
      check proper variable for NULL
      pkgdelta: add missing --version longopt
      add real_line_size to alpm_read_buffer
      add line length parameter to _alpm_strip_newline
      contrib: sed out @SCRIPTNAME@ in edit command
      updpkgsums: avoid fancy quoting in error message
      query: avoid false ownership matches for files in root
      diskspace: dedupe code for loading FS usage
      diskspace: only load filesystem info on demand
      scripts/library: add human_to_size
      pkgdelta: use human_to_size to parse --min-pkg-size
      scripts/library: add size_to_human
      paccache: adopt size_to_human
      diskspace: log errors when opening the mount table fails
      makepkg.conf: enable curl's cookie engine for http
      makepkg.conf: add -q option for curl
      update comments referring to alpm_option_get_syncdbs
      pacman: be more descriptive when opening an include fails
      lib/be_package: use qsort instead of our own msort
      lib/be_local: ensure local filelists are sorted
      lib/conflict: use a binary search within filelists
      util: fix line length calc in _alpm_archive_fgets
      pactest: avoid upgrade conflict with unchanged effective path
      pkgdelta: pass correct args to create_delta
      makepkg: implement dir_is_empty for dir content checks
      configure.ac: cleanup duplication in --enable-git-version
      buildsys: eschew use of DEFS, prefer AM_CPPFLAGS
      etc/Makefile: simplify build rule for conf files
      pactree: autodetect and use unicode line drawing characters
      pactree: fix style violations
      pactree: unify output between utf8 and ascii
      pkgdelta: avoid use of eval and IFS manipulation
      makepkg: normalize whitespace in $pkgdesc when writing .PKGINFO
      parseopts: remove superfluous continue/shift statements
      dload: avoid showing progress bars on some redirects
      pacsort: add -f, --files option for sorting filenames
      paccache: pass the --file option to pacsort
      dload: pass back the effective URL to callers of _alpm_download
      add libarchive compatability object
      Use libarchive compat header for relevant symbols
      inline libarchive compat wrappers
      libalpm: never attempt to remove a mountpoint
      makepkg.conf.5: fix bulletted list item formatting
      makepkg: add support for .pkg.tar.lzo
      paccache: use xargs to execute mv/rm commands
      dload: don't download sig if package is found in cache
      libalpm/sync: remove useless intermediate variable

Diogo Sousa (1):
      Created hex_representation() in lib/libalpm/util.c

Enjolras (2):
      Add a function prepare() to PKGBUILD
      Add documentation for the prepare() function

Florian Pritz (16):
      change gpg import message to resemble gpg --list-keys
      add key algo to import msg
      use _alpm_access in a few more places for increased debugging info
      repo-remove: remove deltas file if it becomes empty
      pkgdelta: rework option/argument parser
      pkgdelta: implement requirments for delta generation
      pkgdelta/repo-add: quoting fixes
      pkgdelta/repo-add: quoting fixes
      coding style fixes
      signing.c: warn if time went backwards
      Add pactests for not detecting directory conflicts with upgrades
      pacdiff: color filename and mention what we found
      pacdiff: be more verbose if we rename or remove
      pacdiff: check cmp's exit code rather than output
      pacdiff: Add option to overwrite, clarify remove option
      pacdiff: update copyright notice

Gary van der Merwe (2):
      makepkg: Improvements to get_filename:
      makepkg: Add Bazaar VCS support

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi (4):
      fix comment style // -> /* */
      Fix missing spaces in operators
      Fix open braces style
      Fix space between control structure and open parens

Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) (1):
      Allow cleaning only some cachedirs

Jason St. John (5):
      Added syntax highlighting for the sha256sums, sha384sums, and sha512sums arrays Fixed FS#29213
      PKGBUILD.vim: improve 'options' highlighting, add extra keywords
      Use sentence case in makepkg
      Remove Vim modelines in prototype files
      Replace space-based indents in prototypes with tabs

Jeremy Huntwork (2):
      Portability fixes for makepkg
      Allow wildcards in PURGE_TARGETS to match any type of file except for directories.

Jonathan Conder (1):
      create a typedef for enum _alpm_errno_t

LANGLOIS Olivier PIS -EXT (1):
      Relax requirement of what constitutes a dead connection

Lukas Fleischer (5):
      scripts/*.sh.in: Honor TMPDIR environment variable
      contrib/*: Hardcode program names
      scripts/*: Declare several constant variables read-only
      Makefile.am: Extract "contrib/" into DIST_SUBDIRS
      contrib/*: Support the "--help" and "--version" options

Martin Panter (2):
      Remove last traces of handling command arguments in $PACMAN
      Exit with failure status if download or installation is not confirmed

Matthew Monaco (5):
      makepkg: remove unused variable
      makepkg: devel_check(): determine vcs
      makepkg: devel_check(): consolidate common code
      makepkg: devel_check(): set newpkgver (cleanup)
      makepkg: devel_check(): cleanup for hg version

Maxime Gauduin (1):
      Make sed follow symlinks on Linux

Mohammad Alsaleh (2):
      makepkg: git clone instead of git fetch if $dir exists but empty
      makepkg: check if $dir is a local clone of the right git repo

Nagy Gabor (1):
      Print error message when to-be-downloaded file cannot be created

Nathan Phillip Brink (1):
      Use AM_PATH_GPGME macro from gpgme instead of home-built gpgme detection.

Neer Sighted (2):
      makepkg: Use a recursive git clone.
      makepkg: Make VCS download functions use get_filename

Olivier Brunel (3):
      libalpm: Fix installing update of a replaced package
      libalpm: Search for replacers before literals
      makepkg: Add --verifysource to only download/verify source files

Pang Yan Han (1):
      Save backup files with extension .pacsave.n

Paul Barbu Gheorghe (1):
      fixed erroneous memory access to newurl in alpm_db_remove_server

Phillip Smith (1):
      makepkg: add support for PACKAGER environment var

Pierre (1):
      pacman: show groups once with -Sg

Pierre Schmitz (2):
      pacman-key: Use lsign_keys function in --populate
      pacman-key: reduce verbosity of --populate

Ram Bhamidipaty (1):
      Add man page for pactree

Richard Pougnet (1):
      Provide full path names in warning messages

Simon Gomizelj (21):
      pacman: add -n/--native filter to -Q
      Print package name before changelog entry with -Qc
      Consolidate --foreign/--native filtering
      refactor common code in query_search/sync_search
      remove :: prefix from all message
      split "Packages (%zd):" message
      remove format from statistic messages
      standardize format functions
      add a config settings and flag for colours
      introduce colstr for colourizing
      colourize colon_printf and question
      colourize warnings and errors
      colourize table output
      colourize the output of -Qi/Si
      colourize -Ss/-Qs
      colourize -Sl/-Ql
      colourize -Q
      update documentation and config files
      remove the duplicate strnlen and strndup
      make status/log messages reflect version change
      make paclog-pkglist understand 'downgraded'

Sébastien Luttringer (2):
      Add staticlibs option in PKGBUILD
      makepkg: Avoid find to fork for each rm call

William Giokas (15):
      Added LOGDEST variable
      makepkg: Print out full version on pkgver update
      makepkg: Formatting consistency in write_pkginfo
      Fix printing of paths
      makepkg: fix -r and --needed conflict
      scripts: Add color to library/output_format.sh
      scripts: Add color to pacman-db-upgrade
      scripts: Add color to pacman-key
      scripts: Add color to pacman-optimize
      scripts: Add color to pkgdelta
      scripts: Add color to repo-add
      contrib: Make pacdiff colors the same as makepkg
      contrib: Add color to bacman
      contrib: Add color to paccache
      makepkg: Separate vcs download and extract

andrew.gregory.8 at gmail.com (1):
      added doxygen documentation

wgiokas (1):
      Add --needed option to makepkg


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