[pacman-dev] pkgrel in VCS packages

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Tue May 7 05:19:13 EDT 2013

On 07/05/13 19:16, Allan McRae wrote:
> On 07/05/13 18:30, Christian Hesse wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> I love the new pkgver() function that allows to update pkgver string. However
>> this also sets "pkgrel=1". Most of the time this is ok, but it is problematic
>> for repositories that change very seldom, so a rebuild would get exactly the
>> same version string again and again.
>> Is there any way to workaround this?
> I thought the pkgrel did not revert to 1 unless the pkgver changed.

I was correct - the new pkgrel is only set to 1 if the pkgver changes:

if [[ -n $newpkgver && $newpkgver != "$pkgver" ]]; then

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