[pacman-dev] [PATCH] repo-add; add option to remove existing package files from disk

Phillip Smith lists at fukawi2.nl
Thu May 30 21:07:15 EDT 2013

On 31 May 2013 10:51, Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org> wrote:
> Hint: add comments like "Updated this patch"...  under the "---" above.
>  Then it is not part of the commit message.

Thanks Allan; was not aware of that. Will do next time.

>> +             elif (( RMEXISTING )); then
>> +                     # only remove existing package if we're not doing deltas
>> +                     pkgentry=$(find_pkgentry "$pkgname")
>> +                     if [[ -n $pkgentry ]]; then
>> +                             local oldfilename="$(awk '/%FILENAME%/ {getline; print}' "$pkgentry/desc")"
> See Dave's comment about using sed here.

I saw that this morning; do you want me to amend the patch to use sed?
If so, how do I do that with git without having to do everything over
again instead of creating a new commit that will generate 2 patches (1
for the original change, and 1 to fix the first)?

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