[pacman-dev] make distcheck fails - new test framework?

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Wed Sep 18 01:08:02 EDT 2013


I have just noticed that "make distcheck" is failing in the check part:

make --no-print-directory check-TESTS
FAIL: test/util/pacsorttest.sh
FAIL: test/util/vercmptest.sh
ERROR: test/pacman/tests/clean001.py - missing test plan
ERROR: test/pacman/tests/clean001.py - exited with status 127 (command
not found?)
ERROR: test/pacman/tests/clean002.py - missing test plan
ERROR: test/pacman/tests/clean002.py - exited with status 127 (command
not found?)
PASS: test/scripts/parseopts_test.sh
ERROR: test/pacman/tests/clean004.py - missing test plan
ERROR: test/pacman/tests/clean004.py - exited with status 127 (command
not found?)
ERROR: test/pacman/tests/clean003.py - missing test plan
ERROR: test/pacman/tests/clean003.py - exited with status 127 (command
not found

I'm guessing we are missing something needed for the test framework.

@Andrew: any chance you can take a look?


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