[pacman-dev] [GIT] The official pacman repository annotated tag, v4.2.0, created. v4.2.0

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Dec 19 04:34:06 UTC 2014

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "The official pacman repository".

The annotated tag, v4.2.0 has been created
        at  ef4df5595cce55fae35b3b6c068726a8460a2b87 (tag)
   tagging  565c931e2c684d4460ff65cbec9b097ee1d8f94d (commit)
  replaces  v4.1.2
 tagged by  Allan McRae
        on  Fri Dec 19 14:33:23 2014 +1000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
One last bugfix
Version: GnuPG v2


Aaron Lindsay (1):
      contrib: Unify quoting in error messages

Allan McRae (119):
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      makepkg: remove sourcing PKGBUILD from stdin
      makepkg: Add helper to test for functions in build script
      makepkg: remove support for PKGBUILDs without a package() function
      Clean partial downloads from cache
      Improve error message when package is missing required signature
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Document alpm_list files are to be stand alone
      paccache: make --help output look nice on 80 width terminal
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      update to automake 1.14
      Add missing header
      Hide unused parameter warnings when building without libcurl
      Remove autotools files
      Update gitignore files for use with autoreconf
      Use autoreconf in autogen.sh
      Patch ltmain on autoreconf
      Remove autoclean.sh
      Carry a copy of gpgme.m4
      Clarify inter-conflicts message
      Fix typo
      Only note backup file changes with -Qkk
      Warn when directory ownership differs between filesystem and package
      Remove setlocale usage from the backend
      Report missing directory if we can not initialise alpm library
      Do not refer to FlySpray numbers
      Store fgetc output as an int.
      Clarify --repackage description
      Use $srcdir/ rather than src/ in makepkg help
      Remove makepkg license check
      Ignore failure to patch during autogen.sh
      Link non-vcs sources into $srcdir during extraction
      makepkg: do not refer to src/ or pkg/
      makepkg: alphabetically order option variables
      makepkg: run locally with libtool style wrapper
      makepkg: add LIBRARY variable
      Report which package is missing a signature
      Fix progress bar overflow while checking package integrity
      proto: remove missed $srcdir redundancies
      contrib/pacdiff: error if diffprog is not found
      makepkg: use source_safe when resourcing BUILDFILE
      Ensure packages have a valid version
      Make functions to decode a signature and extract keyid public
      List signiture keyids in -Sii output
      Fix detection of joint --native and --foreign usage
      makepkg.8: document environmental variables that affect gpg signing
      makepkg.8: Document remaining environmental variables
      repo-add.8: Provide example usage
      Expose alpm_pkg_should_ignore
      Indicate ignored packages in -Qu output
      makepkg: do not allow badly formatted arch lines
      makepkg: Allow "static library" to be translated
      makepkg: only remove static libraries if they have a shared version
      Return zero from extract_file with local source file
      makepkg: move update_pkgver out of extract_sources
      Ignore makedepend and checkdepend entries when parsing .PKGINFO file
      paccache: clarify help output
      .gitignore: Add intl directory.
      Color output from pm_vasprintf
      Fix pactest README
      Fix build warnings with --disable-nls
      Update comment for local db entry creation
      Copy validation field in _alpm_pkg_dup
      Update copyright years for 2014
      Fix build with --disable-gpgme
      Consistently use #ifdef
      HACKING: mention tab size and line width
      Consistently use 'directory' instead of 'folder'
      makepkg: Fix typo in variable name
      makepkg: remove unneeded "|| true"
      Give groups display text singular and plural forms
      Fix warnings with strict-overflow in gcc-4.9
      Fix install order in scripts Makefile
      Use MALLOC throughtout libalpm
      makepkg: Remove --asroot option
      makepkg: enforce fakeroot usage
      makepkg: sign source packages with --sign
      Always supply base name and version info in .PKGFILE if needed
      repo-add: declare pkgbase as local
      Do not check makepkg-wrapper for standard options
      makepkg: Force buildscripts to be in startdir
      Clarify that -Ql prints a file list
      Add compatibility with gpgme-1.5.0
      Use C locale for bsdtar calls during package creation
      Revert refactoring in fa0c1e14
      makepkg: handle "epoch=" in PKGBUILD with pkgver function
      Add validpgpkeys to PKGBUILD prototypes.
      pacdiff: allow DIFFPROG to contain commandline options
      makepkg: ensure vcs download tool are installed when required
      makepkg: skip dependency checking with --verifysource
      Add Andrew to maintainers list.
      Update PKGBUILD documentation for removed override options
      pacman-key: stricter parsing for -verify
      Create local database directory if it is missing
      Add version file when creating local database directory
      Add version file to empty local database
      Check the version of the local database during validation
      There are not hooks!
      makepkg: improve stripping pkgdesc of whitespace for .PKGINFO
      makepkg: bzr: update existing sources in srcdir without removing them first.
      Fix crash when using external downloader
      Remove logging of NoExtract events
      makepkg: symlink files in noextract into $srcdir
      _alpm_backup_dup: fix memory leak in error case
      extract_single_file: fix memory leak in error condition
      Add alpm_option_match_noextract
      Do not warn about missing files in NoExtract
      Pull translation updates from Transifex
      Update po files to send to Transifex
      Fix translation error and remove empty po files
      checkupdates: do not print ignored packages
      Remove pacsysclean
      pacman-db-upgrade: fix issue with find argument list length overflow
      Update README for pacman-4.2
      Update NEWS for pacman-4.2 release
      Update translations from transifex
      Release 4.2.0

Andrea Scarpino (1):
      Respect paths with spaces on --install

Andrew DeMaria (1):
      makepkg: pass "--nocolor" to pacman

Andrew Gregory (160):
      makepkg: remove extra ansi color codes
      pmpkg: default mode 0755 for dirs in sync packages
      util.py: replace file() with open()
      conflict.c: compare package pointers directly
      pmtest: set LC_ALL=C in subprocess.call
      add.c: refactor backup file modification checks
      pacman.8: document .pacorig files
      update tests for symlink support removal
      alpm_filelist: remove resolved_path
      conflict.c: do not ignore symlink<->dir conflicts
      conflict.c: exclude trailing slash from file path
      conflict.c: check for file -> dir replacements
      extract_single_file: consolidate symlink cases
      unlink_file: treat symlinks like normal files
      query_fileowner: remove symlink support
      improve dir->file transition conflict resolution
      die if '-' is given with empty stdin
      deps.c: check for indirect deps when ordering
      skip unknown repo names for pacman -Sl
      query_group: allow package filters
      query_fileowner: remove useless path variable
      query_fileowner: resolve trailing . or .. in paths
      use full path when checking for mountpoints
      query006: only set expectfailure on 32-bit systems
      convert test scripts to tap output
      pactest: treat unknown rules as failures
      convert pactest to TAP output
      provide default values for test scripts
      pactest: accept test names without a switch
      integrate tests with automake
      pactest: remove results summary
      conf.c: add parse_options to section_t
      conf.c: move repo parsing out of _parseconfig
      conf.c: move directive parsing out of _parseconfig
      conf.c: move section handling out of _parseconfig
      conf.c: pass _parse_directive as a callback
      conf.c: extract ini parsing code to separate files
      ini.c: reuse line buffer
      ini.c: make errors in includes fatal
      ini.c: give recursion limit file scope
      check.c: break backup file search loop after match
      conflict.c: fix directory ownership check
      Fix make distcheck
      TESTS: add missing tests
      Add make target for TESTS
      Makefile.am: remove old targets from .PHONY
      remove executable bit on paclog-pkglist.sh.in
      submitting-patches: address common mistakes
      pacman/util: remove strsplit
      use non-ascii identifiers for optflags
      imply --print from --print-format
      do not run scriptlets with --dbonly
      pacman: die on invalid option combinations
      include invalid options in error messages
      sortbydeps: include local pkgs in dep graph
      makepkg: allow empty source arrays
      libalpm/db.c: default to ALPM_DB_USAGE_ALL
      callback.c: check for negative xfered size
      check for -1 return value from getopt_long
      deps.c: pass alpm_list** to _alpm_recursedeps
      upgrade.c: use iterator variable
      support ALPM_SIG_USE_DEFAULT for file siglevels
      alpm_handle: store lock file descriptor
      Makefile.am: fix typo in LOG_DRIVER variable
      log important events from the backend
      alpm_sync_sysupgrade: skip packages being removed
      db.c: require unique database names
      remove useless continue
      trans_prepare: always sort trans->remove by deps
      conf.c: add missing newline to warning
      deps.c: remove filtered_depend functions
      valgrind.supp: suppress leak in gpgme_get_key
      check_keyring: plug memory leak
      create_verbose_row: free malloc'd strings
      Makefile.am: move test-suite.log into test/
      package.h: convert scriptlet field to int
      base64.c: comment out unused variable
      sync_prepare: treat from_sync as a boolean
      pacman.c: remove unnecessary optarg checks
      pacman.c: free string commandline options
      valgrind.supp: add fakeroot/fakechroot errors
      pmtest: send valgrind output to var/log/valgrind
      pmtest: use --gen-suppression=all with valgrind
      pmtest: use valgrind --child-silent-after-fork
      enable_colors: always set color strings
      pacman: use exit status 0 for --help and --version
      local_db_populate: initialize empty pkgcache
      dump_pkg_full: fix optionalfor memory leak
      sync_prepare: manually set pm_errno
      _alpm_resolvedeps: free targ inside loop
      table_display: free memory on errors
      pmrule: add FILE_EMPTY rule
      pmtest: add memory check to tests with valgrind
      alpm: export *_free functions
      _alpm_sync_prepare: fix unresolvable packages leak
      restrict transaction package origins
      pmpkg.py: remove unused imports
      pactest: add prefix to temporary directory
      sync_prepare: ignore explicitly removed conflicts
      simplify check for leading "local/"
      remove check for unused ALPM_ERR_PKG_IGNORED
      check config_new return value
      conf.c: remove extra indentation
      register_syncdb: reject db names that contain /
      pmdb.py: change siglevel name to Required
      pactest: treat arguments as files instead of globs
      remove.c: downgrade TRANS_DUP_TARGET to warning
      use monotonic clock for progress updates
      filelist_intersection: manually compare paths
      pactest: parse options before environment setup
      pactest: check for pacman binary before running
      pactest: check for tests before environment setup
      add test for file type check with -Qk
      move _alpm_lstat into util-common
      llstat: modify path in place
      check_file_exists: replace lstat with llstat
      check_pkg_fast: check file type
      sync_prepare: remove useless check for replacers
      handle: factor out string list option handling
      pactest: only snapshot needed files
      pactest: delay test object creation
      dep_graph_init: filter ignored packages by name
      deps.c: use alpm_list_find_ptr
      signing.c: remove useless error check
      handle_unlock: log lock removal failure
      handle_unlock: log error when lock file is missing
      pacman.c: simplify stdin parsing
      sync.c: fix style violations
      replace strdup with STRDUP
      trans_commit: log beginning and end of transaction
      fix improper FREELIST calls
      pacman-db-upgrade: use pacman-style options
      Extend database upgrade script to handle alpm db version 9
      alpm.h: remove outdated pkg_get_backup doxygen
      wrap fgets to retry on EINTR
      pacman: set SA_RESTART for signal handler
      Revert "Remove log_cb, add ALPM_EVENT_LOG instead"
      avoid line wrapping if not in a tty or COLUMNS=0
      table_display: only check width when non-zero
      remove retry check from signature validation
      check_keyring: skip keys known to be missing
      _alpm_key_in_keychain: cache known keys
      pacman-db-upgrade: do not mangle file lists
      pmdb: include directories in package file lists
      pmrule: make backup file test more robust
      pmtest: allow tests to specify db version
      pacman: add --confirm option
      pmtest: allow tests to specify test binary
      sync.c: download packages before starting commit
      add pacman-db-upgrade test
      testdb: ignore ALPM_DB_VERSION
      pacman-db-upgrade: fix --config option typo
      pmtest: make test paths easily available to tests
      tests/pacman-db-upgrade-v9: set additional paths
      add pacman-db-upgrade-v9.py to check_SCRIPTS
      makepkg: do not strip bzr+ from bzr+ssh urls
      makepkg: only strip vcs prefixes from front of url
      add alpm_option_match_noupgrade
      remove.c: honor inverted patterns in noupgrade

Ashley Whetter (2):
      Install makedepends and checkdepends together
      Corrected return codes for Sg flag

Christian Hesse (6):
      dload: avoid renaming files downloaded via sync operations
      libalpm: check for valid public key algorithm
      be_sync: use effective URL for db file signature download
      dload: use better error message on exceeded file size
      dload: unlink file on filesize exceeded error
      dload: mark final_url as const

Connor Behan (2):
      Unify front and backend responses for --print

Dan McGee (8):
      Clear up definition of INFRQ_ALL
      Push down testing .gitignore entries
      Remove -fgnu89-inline from compile options
      Log more in search debug message
      Use O_CLOEXEC as much as possible when opening files
      Minor struct member reordering for packing concerns
      Reorder and reshape the package struct for better packing
      Fix compile warnings on systems without getmntent

Dave Reisner (61):
      makepkg: avoid file|grep dependency for CRLF check
      do not check error from close(2)
      be_sync: avoid crashing on files in the root of a DB
      makepkg: allow make-style environment var overrides
      alpm: log errors for scriptlets terminated by a signal
      makepkg.8: fix typo in usage
      makepkg: unify list of known hash algorithms
      makepkg: add support for sha224 checksums
      proto: remove redundancy in cd for each function
      libalpm: introduce a usage level for repos
      pacman: add front end support for repo usage level
      pactree: set full usage on DBs when registering
      makepkg: cleanup a few format string injections
      makepkg: inline creation of checksum indenting
      makepkg: always use read's -r flag with filenames
      makepkg: use c-style for loops for integrity checks
      autogen.sh: remove useless shell flag and subshells
      makepkg: validate updated pkgver before replacement
      version: fix formatting in file to RPM upstream
      dload: allow curl to response to any auth challenge
      strtrim: reset pointer after trimming leading whitespace
      dload: avoid using CURLOPT_FAILONERROR
      cache terminal size, add SIGWINCH handler to reset
      makepkg: improve check and error message for buildfile location
      remove --destination-dir argument from a2x options
      makepkg: disallow pkgver/pkgrel/epoch overrides in packages
      makepkg: refactor check_sanity, give it some sanity of its own
      PKGBUILD: handle arch specific attributes
      makepkg: replace bare eval with var extraction functions
      PKGBUILD(5): arch-specific fields are always additional
      paccache: read default cachedir from pacman.conf
      updpkgsums: use a throwaway build dir
      makepkg: use correct terminology
      makepkg: let --source imply --ignorearch
      makepkg: disallow values of 'arch' which might be problematic
      makepkg: break out check_checksums to reasonably sized functions
      makepkg: break out checksum generation to its own function
      PKGBUILD: add support for arch-specific sources
      updpkgsums: update to recognize arch-specific sources
      makepkg: abort if we can't add install/changelog to package
      makepkg: move negation in inequality comparisons
      makepkg: allow less than the full fingerprint in validpgpkeys
      Revert "makepkg: allow less than the full fingerprint in validpgpkeys"
      makepkg: show full fingerprint on pgp failure
      makepkg: simplify attr matching in extract_function_var
      makepkg: reorder args to pkgbuild_get_attribute for consistency
      makepkg: always look for sources in source=()
      paccache: avoid spurious blank line written to stderr
      makepkg.8: fix typo in reference to other flag
      updpkgsums: avoid exec'ing awk, so the trap actually works
      bash_completion: add --noarchive to makepkg's completions
      makepkg.8: remove superfluous "::" in envvar description
      makepkg: ignore empty global attributes in extraction
      makepkg: simplify epoch handling
      makepkg: introduce .SRCINFO files for source packages
      version: fix memory leak in early return
      pacsort: parse inputs up front into control struct
      makepkg: correctly add changelog files
      shut up GCC on -Wmaybe-initialized warnings
      updpkgsums: drop in-place rewrite hack, use a tempfile
      updpkgsums: add more error checking before replacement

Eric Bélanger (1):
      Add --noprepare option to makepkg

Eric Schultz (1):
      Exit with 0/SUCCESS if there are no packages to remove

Eric Toombs (1):
      Added list of mandatory options to PKGBUILD's man page

Florian Pritz (20):
      Add makepkg-template
      makepkg-template: Add gettext support
      makepkg-template: Stop using given/when
      makepkg-template: add --version and some license info
      Display old and new version in pacman -Qu output
      pacman -Si/-Qi: Autodetect best fitting file size unit
      Remove ts and sw from vim modeline when noet is set
      Check if a file is in the package's file list before extracting
      util: Add _alpm_realloc() and _alpm_greedy_grow()
      be_package: Refactor handling of simple path checks
      be_package: Refactor code adding a file to the files list
      be_package: Build the file list from MTREE if possible
      be_local: Use alpm_greedy_grow
      util: Use off_t instead of int for size values
      Add test case for the perl 5.20 dependency breakage
      deps.c: split _alpm_depcmp into _alpm_depcmp_provides
      libalpm: export alpm_splitdep as alpm_dep_from_depstring and alpm_dep_free
      Add --assume-installed option
      Add --assume-installed to pacman --help
      Add --assume-installed to shell completion

Hong Shick Pak (1):
      Move break to a new line for consistency

Jason St. John (25):
      Quote sources in PKGBUILD prototypes and example PKGBUILD
      Update example PKGBUILD
      Revise PKGBUILD(5)
      Revise pacman(8)
      Fix whitespace in pacsort.c and pactree.c
      Fix whitespace in makepkg.sh.in and makepkg-template.pl.in
      Improve --help switch output for pacman utils
      Use title case for a heading in HACKING; fix capitalization of "Vim" in HACKING
      Remove spaces between the opening "if" and the opening parenthesis
      Fix minor grammatical issues in doc/index.txt
      Fix whitespace and other formatting issues
      Fix typo in pacman-optimize
      Replace "echo" command with "printf" in human_to_size_test.sh
      Improve --help switch output for pacman contrib and pacman scripts
      pacscripts: Improve error message when sudo binary is not found
      Fix misspellings and some grammar issues in output of some pacman contrib scripts
      Add missing optdepends to the main list of variables in the split PKGBUILD prototype
      proto: Remove recommendation of "makepkg -g" in comments
      makepkg.conf(5): Add missing backticks around vars, and use single quotes around "gpg" command
      Remove ChangeLog.proto and move important info to PKGBUILD(5)
      makepkg.conf(5): Fix and improve grammar and spelling issues
      pacman(8): Improve grammar and quoting
      man: Use uniform line spacing between sections
      man: Improve grammar and add missing single quotes around command options
      pkgdelta(8): Fix broken example of --min-pkg-size with human-readable values

Jeremy Heiner (9):
      Jettison the truncation of the display of pmrules.
      Bail early with a clear error message if Python runtime isn't 2.7+.
      Use "exec" instead of "execfile" (deprecated in Python 3).
      Use Python's "0o#" octal literal instead of deprecated "0#".
      Use dict iteration methods common to both Python 2 and 3.
      Use Python's "range" instead of deprecated "xrange".
      Add parens around tuples in Python list comprehensions.
      Use the 'configure'd PYTHON to run pactest.
      Add the unit tests for -Qk and -Qkk that are possible now.

Johannes Löthberg (3):
      makepkg: Remove redundant sig generation comment
      makepkg: Respect XDG_CONFIG_HOME
      pacman.c: Add -gg, -ii, and -yy to help summary

Jonathan Frazier (9):
      pacdiff: Add quit to found pacnew options
      pacdiff: Search and give warnings for older pacsave.[0-9]* files
      pacdiff: clean up and reword --help
      pacdiff: allow multiple separated options
      pacdiff: add --nocolor option for the terminally challenged.
      pacdiff: rework search type handling, add --find option
      pacdiff: improve speed, accuracy finding active configs using pacmandb
      pacdiff: make pacmandb search the default type.
      pacdiff: provide an --output option to show any .pac* files

Lars Gustäbel (1):
      Prevent makepkg creating armored signatures

Lukáš Jirkovský (5):
      Add a -C, --cleanbuild option to clear the source directory before building a package.
      makepkg: git: update existing sources in srcdir without removing them first.
      makepkg: checkout a revision specified in SVN fragment in download_svn.
      makepkg: hg: update existing sources in srcdir without removing them first.
      makepkg: svn: update existing sources in srcdir without removing them first.

Matthias Krüger (1):
      note that TotalDownload and XferCommand are incompatible.

Maxim Andersson (2):
      paccache: add support for multiple cachedirs
      paccache: parse_filename bug fix

Maxime Arthaud (1):
      makepkg: fix check for distcc

Maxime Gauduin (1):
      Add PKGBUILD-vcs.proto

Micah Saint Germain (1):
      Fix pointer declarations to be globally consistent

Miguel de Val-Borro (4):
      doc/translation-help.txt: Remove link to tutorial on sarovar.org
      doc/translation-help.txt: Minor rewording of Transifex usage
      doc/translation-help.txt: Removed out-of-date paragraph
      doc/translation-help.txt: Transifex example usage

Olivier Brunel (15):
      Make --unrequired filter packages that are optdep as well
      doc/repo-add: Add note on when signatures are added to the db
      alpm: Rename a variable for future clarity
      pacman: Fix delayed warnings/errors sent to stdout not stderr
      Update the event callback
      Remove log_cb, add ALPM_EVENT_LOG instead
      Add events on pacnew/pacsave/pacorig file creation
      alpm.h: Move alpm_errno_t definition up
      Update the question callback
      events: Make alpm_event_t an union of all event-specific struct
      Fix loading invalid package
      alpm: Fix wrong xferred/total sizes when resuming downloads

Patrick Steinhardt (2):
      Install unchanged backup files to get correct timestamps.
      Enable inverted patterns in NoExtract and NoUpgrade.

Phillip Smith (2):
      makepkg: add support for CARCH environment var
      repo-add; add option to remove existing package files from disk

Pierre Neidhardt (18):
      pacsearch: Copyright year bump
      pacsearch: more accurate help message
      pacsearch: localized output
      pacsearch: Explicitly extract group information
      pacsearch: colors are portable (ANSI) and have natural variable names
      pacsearch: using pacman color theme
      pacsearch: CLI option to turn off colors
      pactree: removed 'provision' from linear output
      pacsearch: removed useless comment
      pacsearch: indexing by 'name version' instead of 'name'
      pacsearch: removed redundant sorting
      pacsearch: fields are treated uniformly when printing
      pacsearch: pattern arguments work as for pacman
      pacsearch: factored -Ss and -Qs parts into one single function
      makepkg.8: Fix typo
      makepkg: Comment on install_package() return code
      makepkg: Add a --noarchive option to inhibit archive creation
      makepkg: Reorder some entries in usage() and getopts

Rafael Ferreira (1):
      Do not remove source code references in PO/POT files

Ryo Munakata (1):
      filecache_find_url: dereference the 'filebase' pointer

Sami Kerola (3):
      common: compare value rather than pointer address
      libalpm: avoid name space conflict
      pacman/util.c: use switch when there are fall through statements

Silvan Jegen (5):
      Remove unneeded NULL check
      Another unneeded NULL check removed
      Another NULL check removed
      Move NULL check before dereference
      pacman: Correct signal handler comment and refactor

Simon Gomizelj (1):
      Consolidate and improve table implementations

Steven Noonan (2):
      makepkg: implement support for stripping kernel modules
      makepkg: use dash instead of underscore in /usr/lib/debug/.build-id

Sébastien Luttringer (1):
      makepkg: fix consistency of downloaded sources permissions

Sören Brinkmann (3):
      pacman/upgrade: Check malloc() return value
      pacman/upgrade: Refactor memory management
      pacman/upgrade: Fix memory leaks

Thomas Bächler (4):
      makepkg: Support kernel.org's PGP signature scheme
      makepkg: Use read to parse status file during signature verification.
      makepkg: Treat a signature from an untrusted key as an error
      makepkg: Introduce validpgpkeys array

Tobias Powalowski (1):
      pacman-key: compatibility with gnupg-2.1

Vasiliy Korchagin (1):
      pacdiff: do not remove pacfile after viewing

Vladimir A. Nazarenko (1):
      Use getuid instead of geteuid

William Giokas (1):
      makepkg: Allow using sources with :: in them

Wolfgang Bumiller (2):
      Close file descirptor before fork
      replace --reference on chmod/chown commands

Xyne (5):
      bacman: pass unshifted arguments to fakeroot
      bacman: update copyright information in version function
      bacman: optionally include unmodified backup files when available
      makepkg: include all hash types in integlist
      makepkg: redirect downloader output to STDERR

Zulker Nayeen Nahiyan (1):
      clarified descriptions for pactree -r (--help)

lolilolicon (1):
      makepkg: do not eval dlcmd

slavomir vlcek (1):
      libalpm: move function pointer condition


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