[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Put not explicitly installed packages in grey during update/install/removall

Guillaume Bouchard guillaume.bouchard at liris.cnrs.fr
Mon Feb 3 03:30:34 EST 2014

> 1.) have a column title of "Explicitly Installed?" with a "yes" or
> "no" label for each package, optionally coloring the "yes" or "no"
> text for easy reading
> 2.) like the first way, but put an asterisk if the package is
> explicitly installed and leave it blank if the package is a dependency
> 3.) have a column title of "Installed..." with labels of "explicitly"
> or "as a dependency"
> Of those three, I think I prefer the second method.

I like the second method, but it is still not really explicit for users.

I'll wait for a few other feedbacks and I'll update the patch to add
an asterix after the package name.


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