[pacman-dev] Pacman-4.2 release plans

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Jun 28 22:13:15 EDT 2014

Hi all,

We release pacman-4.1 ages ago and there are many bug fixes sitting on
master that I am too lazy to backport.  So I would like to see a push
towards pacman-4.2.

I propose the following.
2014-08-01:  Feature freeze
2014-08-15:  Code freeze
2014-08-31:  Release

I have the glibc release scheduled for the end of July, so that is where
the feature freeze comes from.  We have a number of bugs in the tracker
and patches in patchwork fixing bugs or providing some polishing that
need dealt with.  The two (or more) week gap before the code freeze is
dedicated to dealing with those.

In preparation, can bugs be filed for anything that needs done before
4.2?  The major thing that I know needs finished is figuring out how to
adjust databases that have packages installed using the old directory
symlink method.

Our current roadmap (with several bugs that will be pushed further back)
is here:


@Lukáš: note the VCS incremental builds is listed in the roadmap so your
patches will be dealt with soon!

@Andrew: Do you need your ini/config reading patches in, or would it be
OK to hold back until the next release (which I intend to focus only on
adding hooks support and call pacman-5.0).

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