[pacman-dev] [PATCH] pkgdelta: use highest compression ratio when creating deltas with xdelta3

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Thu Mar 13 02:11:19 EDT 2014

On 06/03/14 09:25, Matthias Krüger wrote:
> Side note: it might be even more advantageous to use bsdiff instead of
> xdelta3
> comparing the /usr/bin/blender binaries of the above versions
> (12:2.69.c7ac0e-1 and 13:2.69.13290d-1) :
> xdelta3     10.4M
> xdelta3 -9   9.9M
> bsdiff          4.7M

I took a look, and changing from xdelta3 to bsdiff would be very simple.
 It looks like it is a five minute patch...

But what I need is for someone to generate deltas (with and without -9
maybe) for a whole bunch of packages.  Then generate diffs using bsdiff
and compare the results.  The comparison will need to include:

1) size of deltas/diffs
2) memory used when reconstructing package
3) time taken to reconstruct package.

Once we have that information, we can make an informed decision.


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