[pacman-dev] [PATCH] Add configuration options for libcurl's "low speed" timeout

Andrew Hills ahills at ednos.net
Wed Mar 26 17:38:40 EDT 2014

On 3/26/14, 5:07 PM, Florian Pritz wrote:
> Please try to keep subjects for git commits around the 50 char mark (or
> shorter). The threads subject would be fine.
> Also try to add some explanatory text like why this change is needed and
> if applicable why it isn't done differently (in this case why you don't
> just increase the timeout) in the comment so this information isn't lost
> when someone steps through the git history in a couple of years. Believe
> it or not that will happen eventually and I'm always sad if I hit stuff
> with no comments.
> And finally, if you use git-send-email you can put comments that aren't
> part of the patch, like the ones you have written above the patch thus
> far, after the 3 dashes down below.
> I'm writing this mainly because I'm really used to the git way of things
> and I was rather confused when I read this thread.
> Also one more thing: You might want to use -v2, -v3 and so on when
> sending patches via git-send-email. Those options will change the
> subject to [PATCH v2] and similar.

I will switch to git-send-email, and follow these guidelines; thanks for
the suggestion.

> You allow negative values here, but alpm_option_get_lowspeed*() use -1
> to indicate an error. Setting the limit to -1 could result in wired
> stuff happening where the manpage would suggest that -1 simply results
> in download failures (which might be useful to someone who wants to test
> what happens in a dl failure case).
> Either say negative values result in undefined behaviour (which it is
> given we rely on upstream and upstream doesn't specify it) or don't
> allow them at all which is probably the best.

Not allowing them at all seems like the most sane solution; I will
revise the patch. Should the pacman.conf manual page explicitly disallow
negative numbers?


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